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Written by Dave Mora
On Nov 21 , 2005 for Daily Rants

Xbox360 Not on my Xmas List


Because I am who I am and I because of the people I know. I was invited to the Xbox360 launch party here in Los Angeles a while back. Not only did I get free food, free drinks, hang out with some movie stars, but I also got the new xbox360.

I will the first to say I am not a hardcore gamer. But, I do play games. I love my sports games and some adventuregames. So, I got home and hooked up the xbox360 and the new GUI for the xbox is nice. I liked how it can stream music from my PSP.

I like the GUI the most on this new xbox360.

I was forced to go out a game. But, hey how can I bitch when I got the xbox360 free. So I picked up the Call of Duty 2 that local retail store. Sales person went out of their way to remind me that this was a xbox360 and I had to remind them that I am aware of that. I tried to avoid them from asking how I got one I just told them I am getting the game before the unit.

So I made it back home.

Before I played COD2 I played the Half-Life2 for the xbox. That game looked so good and the game played was good that I ended up playing for 3 hours.

So I finally got around to play the new xbox360. Besides the cut scenes of the game. I was not WOWED

The game play was great. I had a good time playing the game. But, the graffix were not all the better. I think my mistake was playing half-life2.

Overall I would not go out of my to buy xbox360 I will wait to buy it next june when the prices drop when the ps3 comes out.

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