WTF? is Right!
Wht is this world coming too. Since I can now get arrested by hitting Refresh on my browser. I guess I will never be able to see if the page has been updated unless I clear my internet cache.

Yes, this person put a link on his page to the schools website and told people to hit F5. F5 is a function key that tells the browser to refresh the page. I hate how in this article nothing was really reported on the technical aspect. Just that a kid was arrested.

Why did the school even consider pressing charges. Why not have the schools IT department do their job and restrict the request for a new page. If a simple httpd rule you can set. Same person / session can only request a refresg page every 120 seconds or so. This would have simply give them a tiem out page and remove the workload on the server.

O well. I just love ignorance I tell you.