WTF, Tornados now in Cali?

I moved out of the Los Angeles to the valley so I don’t have to deal with the traffic, the violence, and the drama. I moved to the valley some time ago and I love it. The one thing I never anticipated was that the streets of the valley especially Laurel Canyon from Pacoima to Van Nuys becomes a river. Some times I feel I can get around the valley a lot faster with a boat.

I guess it would be time to get a Digi-Cam or a Cell phone with a video cam.

But, this morning it was raining again. I did not think much of it until I read this site.

I although the cities are further north to me they are still near enough to make me wonder. Do I have to start dealing with tornados?

Maybe the worse movie of all time The Day After Tomorrow was in fact getting us ready for the end of our world.

Or well.

[Good Times]