WTF – Period Video / Tampon Video is the worse thing you can ever see.


If you never seen the infamous 2 girls 1 cup video you have been spared from having to deal with that. So, I will urge you that you simply read and DO NOT CLICK PLAY ON THIS Video. If you did watch the 2 girls 1 cup video or any of the videos on the interwebz that you regret ever watching. I urge you to also NOT CLICK PLAY ON THIS Video.

Sadly, I have been on the internet long enough to have been desynthesized on content found on the internet. It’s sad but I can still appreciate the moments between awesome videos being created and put on the interwebz.

After coming across earlier today on a story of two brothers and their special bond. You can read about about Team Long Brothers.

I was reminder that for every awesome story their is a horrific one on the other side of the spectrum.

But, the time you read this post I am sure Giovanna Plowman is a name you now know and her video currently only on Facebook can be found without any trouble on Youtube with millions of views.

So, who is Giovanna Plowman and what is this post all about?

I hope the video is staged. Only so I don’t the whole world has become desynthesized as much as I have.

Well Giovann Plowman is a person on Facebook. You can follow her on Facebook (by the time you read this she might have thousands if not thousands of people following her on Facebook) and she has uploaded a video of doing something that even I ( The guy that has no problem with the “Russian Soldier” video) had to pause and skip through it.


So, if you missed the era of “Reaction Videos” on you tube. Here is your change to record your reaction to this video and upload it on you tube. Many are using the title Period video and Tampon video reaction.

Incase you need help to start erasing what you just watched here is

What is more interesting about this video. It’s the fact that it has gone viral (at the moment) on Facebook only. It has been shared, commented, and viewed a whole lot and without a video on youtube. (I am sure by the time you read this many people have re-uploaded the video and the video exists on multiple profiles)

It would be interesting if Opengraph enables us to search Facebook Videos and with Youtube Partner Channels imploding. Could we see a change of people moving from Youtube to Facebook Video?

I talk about the the Facebook / Opengraph only to enable your brain to start thinking about something else from what you just watched.