WP 1.5 craps me

Anyone who is anywone that reads my entries or even knows me would know 1 thing. That is I love Open Source and I love WP. For the people who don’t know what WP let me tell you. Is not only the software I use for this site but is a free blogging software.

I dig it so much that I been waiting for version 1.5 to come out so I can upgrade.

Let me tell you 1 thing. For what ever reason the templates comes out all retarded when trying to use any of their templates. So, I am force to do 2 things. Stay with version 1.2 or redo and start over with 1.5.

When I istall 1.5 with a fresh database everything looks good but as soon I port over my database the lay out dies on me.


Another thing on my to do list.