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Written by Dave Mora
On Jul 27 , 2005 for Daily Rants

With the bofa / mbna merger I get fuked


So like I stated before. I got a loan from MBNA and I was happy. But, when I heard BofA bought them out I was sad because I left BofA because of their crapy service. Their agents have the attitude of “Is not my problem so I can’t help” attitude. So, I knew it was only a matter of time before the BofA hatred became a MBNA feeling.

Sadly it only took 30 days. So, when I got my loan they offer me a “Credit Protect” that will take care of me when I loose my job and such things. But, when they said it was only going to be .95 cents on the dollar.

Hmm .95 cents on 80,000 dollars? No Thank you.

But, they stated it was free for the first 30 days and I would get a free credit report. So I said okay what ever I will get my free credit report and cancel before my 30 days.

So after 2 weeks I did not get my free credit report so I called and cancel the “Credit Protect”.

So I though.

So today I checked my online bancking and I was like WTF? I am negative [-13,000] dollars. MBNA took 11,000 and checks I wrote were cashed and now I am being hit with overdraft fees from my bank per day.

I called MBNA and they told me that was for the “Credit Protect” when I mention I canceled it their only reponse was. Well you could have not because we dont cancel that you have to call another number and call them direct and cancel them your self. So, she basically called me a liar and told me deal with it.

And of course they are close and I will have to wait until tomorrow.

I already know what is going to happen. I will call them. They will say that they can only cancel future fee’s and cancel my “Credit Protect” but they will not refund me my money.

BLAH BLAH BLAH and MOTHER FUCKER BLAH I am just a little angry.

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