Written by Dave Mora
On Nov 28 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Will UndoTV be my new home?


Is undotv.com the next big thing?

The idea behind UndoTV is nothing knew. A place where you can upload your content and allow others to view appears to be the current business model of any website. But, what sets UndoTV apart is the built in audience they already have because of the founders of the site. Leo and Chris combine have a solid audience that has followed them since TechTV was disbanded.

I have been playing with UndoTV while is still Beta. The biggest thing I look forward is a single place for all my junk regardless of media. I can post a Blog, PodCast, Video File, even a Flash animation. I can upload select the type of entry, select my rating, and upload my content, enter my text, and click submit.

Overall UndoTV does not offer anything new and innovating but I feel that it will capture a market share over all the other Media Sharing People Networking Sites because of the built in audience.

The only thing that would be interesting to see how it develops is the Group feature that is currently disabled. I have different sites with different projects. Some are on YouTube, Out Media, Current TV, and even Google Video. I would like to see if using the Group Features if it will allow me to bring all my projects to a single site.

I just hope they have a better way of controlling spam with in the site.

Only time will tell.

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