Written by Dave Mora
On Mar 13 , 2008 for Daily Rants

Will Internet Explorer 8 make Opera and Firefox better?


As much as I love my Opera. I am still forced to go back to my Internet Explorer. Not because Opera is measing features but because the developer of the site only ensured the scripting worked with Internet Explorer. I am tired of going to sites even large corporations like ebay where simple things like a dropdown does not work.

So how will Internet Explorer 8 make it better for my Opera?

Well according to my new buddy at Microsoft. Mr. Ray Ozzie the new Chief Software Architect appears to be pusshing Standard. With fully standard support like CSS2, HTML5, and others eventually my user experience will mirror exactly what the site developer wanted me to experience regardless of my browser.

What will be even better for everyone?

Just as Apple released Safari for Windows. (Although is not very good in my opinion. Safari works a lot better on my Mac.) Microsoft can take it one extra step and relase Internet Explorer 8 for the Mac OS. I would love to see it for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Windows Mobile.

Why do I care for the Mac?

Where I live in a world where I use my Mac as much as I use my Windows box and a unified browser on all platforms that work on all sites would provide the best user experience. Especially the webslice feature in Internet Explorer 8.

Will you try out Internet Explorer 8? if you can download it the beta here.

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