Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 02 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Why, Why and Why?


My Bengals finally lost. It was not a good lost either. A lot to a little is the official score for this past sunday game.

So, now my team is 3-1 but hey it could be worse. I could have been a Raiders Fan [BURN].

Well the last week or so I have been on mission to find me a new belt. Since I came back from my trip from Chapin Landia I had to get a new belt. Becuase my old belt broke. But, I either find a belt I like but it does not go around my Gordo Belly or the ones that do are fugly.

So, I am contemplating in wearing suspenders. Hmmmmm that would be interesting.

Now I am off to look for suspenders because I am tired of my pants falling when I am unlocking the door when I get home.

– Good Times

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