Why are we moving backwards?

I do my best to refrain from making political and religious statements because people are always so passionate on both spectrum of the topic. The last thing is to turn my lonely little blog into place where comments take over my little post.

I was listening to NPR, everyone should listen to NPR they have some awesome stories, and I came across this sound clip Hispanics Divided Over Census Boycott and it bothered me.

As a Latino, who waited in the line for 23 years of my life and finally became a US Citizen this year, I am bothered by using the Census the platform to voice your dissatisfaction of what you feel are unfair practices by the same government you are asking to be a part of.

Another thing that bothers me is that the word Illegal is slowly fading away when people talk about Illegal Immigrants.

I am tired of people saying their are x amount of hispanics in the US but we estimate xx more that were not counted. People will always use the xx number and manipulate that number as the reason why the schools are crowded, emergency rooms in bad shape, crime is up, and the need of new taxes.

Why not take this opportunity to let the numbers be official. So, that we can move forward to solution.

What bothered me most is that 2 people who are voicing the boycott Reverend Miguel Rivera and Nativo Lopez have a place of leadership.

For them to use the Census to try a mobilize the people who trust them with the same fear tactic that they claim the US will use.

I will always say that

“Immigrants in the US need to understand that being in the US is a privileged not a right and Citizens in the US need to know that Immigrants have the right to be here”

#my2cents so thank you for your time.