WhoIS what?

I am always up for a good tool. Recently I came accross Whois Source. This website not only lets you do a NSLookup, Whois, but the feature I really like is the reverse IP Tool. This tool lets you know how many websites are being hosted on that server. This helps you want to know if other sites are traffic may be slowing you down.

This tools gives you all this information on 1 page. So is really simple to read the information. The other thing that it has is an Other TLDs: section and that is when I notice something very interesting. I knew that eunknown.com was taken by a squating company. But, it indicated that eunknown.info was taken also. The odd thing is that it was registered with my Whois information as though I had registered it. Since the new law now makes it illegal to have the information in the whois not correct I guess I have some legal ground to file a complaint. I am just not sure if I am the only one or not.