When you ask to share some of that twitter wealth

If you are like me Twitter has become the primary platform of communication.

Someone asked me to describe Twitter and the only thing that came to my mind was to say. Is like Myspace but with out the Myspace. Somehow that made sense not only to me but also to the person I told.

But, what I like most about Twitter is the ability to create new connections with people all around the world. I still enjoy the connections eventough those connections may only live on Twitter.

One of the best way to establish new connections is to expand your following pool. I am expand my connections a few people a month. But, if your someone like @kevinrose , @leolaporte, or @scobleizer that number expands in the hundreads.

So, I asked for some followers.

Okay I am begging for new followers.

Dave Mora asks for More Twitter Followers

So, before you ask one of them to spread the love, the wealth, or send some followers your way.

You might want to have a plan on how you can return the favor. The favor of someone with 20,000 followers sending new connections to your little blog on the interweb.

Dave Mora asks for More Twitter Followers

So, how can I return the favor. Well since I joined the #unemployed band wagon I will not be able to offer gifts or a prizes. I am not famous enough to offer my autograpgh.

But, what I do have is time. So everyone who follows me will get my dedication in annoying them with meaningless @reply messages and a DM from time to time.

So, if your game? How about following me at @davemora or better yet leave a video comment telling me why your following me and why others should follow you.