Written by Dave Mora
On May 28 , 2006 for Daily Rants

War Veterans I own you!


I have worked for government agencies in the pass and I have seen the holes in computer security first hand. So when 26.5 Million Veterrans are forced to watch over their credit history for possible Identity theft I was not surprise. I have worked with IT personel for City Courts and other Government Offices and I have always been surprise of the lack of knowledge their IT personel had.

The private sector will always have better technology and computer security policy in place.

Sadly, I have a better secure network at my house.

I am complely paperless. A bill or statement comes in I scan it into my computer and shred the document.

I scan my documents and they are stored in a HD of their own. This harddrive is encrypted so even if the HD gets stolen the date is encrypted.

I back up my HD to another HD on a weekly bases and send that HD to an offsite storing facility where is practicly stored in a mountain.

That is my security policy and just deal with 3 peoples identity information. But, I am sure just having a policy where you need the data encrypted when leaving the center.

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