Wait. What. Huh?

Mini blog update

It has been months and I feel that I am finally used to my work schedule. I work what is know as the graveyard shift / 3rd shift. It took a while to finally find a sleep schedule and get use to working what I call UK hours while living in Los Angeles.

If you are considering working the 3rd shift here is a site with some information that may help you http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/wellness_articles.asp?id=217

Working late

I really thought by this time I would be cranking out Dave Mora blog posts on a daily basis.

But to be honest. It is hard to find the motivation and make time to generate content when it doesn’t generate any income. I generate content for free and because I enjoy it. But, recently I have been busy with other projects that are currently paying the bills. While I am still sharing my ideas and things I find interesting with all you guys. I discovered that I am doing it in shorter doses on services like Twitter and Facebook.

So, to answer those who have been e-mailing me demanding weekly posts. Well I am sorry but if you send me a Coffee Bean gift card I might have the energy post more frequently.

But, I will make more attempts to post more frequently without the need for you to send me Coffee Bean gift cards.

The last few weeks I have been reconnecting to the hobby of surfing the internet. It feels like it was decades ago when you surfed the internet. Going from page to page. Discovering a new page while visiting another was the way I was introduced to internet surfing. To think I have been online before search engines existed. The era of the Portal where someone listed pages by categories. The time when Yahoo resembled a yellow page directory with the design style of Craigslist. Those were the good old days. When only a few people knew about the internet and even a fewer number were actually on it.

A few days ago I shared some of my early internet adventures. To think all of the early things I did with a modem, terminal, and some fancy footwork would be considered illegal now and would land me in jail. One of my favorites early day stories I enjoy sharing is the year my friends and I gather all the change we could find to purchase an external US Robotics Sportster 14,400 Fax modem. It became our community modem as we would share it and take it to each others houses during long nights of file and access hunting.

But I digress
So going back to reconnecting to my hobby of surfing the internet. Now, that I can surf the internet hours a day. I am have come to realize that the discovering of new content on the internet is a lot harder now. It seems the old way of going from page to page lead you to new discoveries. Google tends to offer me the same spammy useless SEO sites that I have come to hate and Youtube suggests the same trendy videos and the recommended videos only offer related videos of the people who I am watching.

I realize that I am surfing the internet the old way. Because, surfing the internet now appears to involve spending more time on one or two specific social media sites and discovering new things from the people you follow / friends. I guess during normal business hours this is great. But, for someone like me who is on the internet when most of the my friends are asleep I am force to rely on my old surfing ways.

Yes, I know. Only I would write about something so trivial about the way I surf the internet 🙂

But, how else could I write pages and pages of useless info?
So, visiting a page lead to the discovery of one page that pointed me to an article that eventually had me look up a situation that pointed me to a video for confirmation. Two hours of surfing the internet the old fashion way and learning new things. I come to an interesting discovery.

Garyvee is a hardcore rapper now!

What does Gary Vaynerchuk, a a 35 year old New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author who is also a self-trained wine and social media expert (According to his about section on his website), have in common with the likes of The 40 Glocc, Chris Romero, Kevin Johnson, Jeff ‘echo’ Reyes, Camera Man “damon jammal clip, Tiny “Deebo” Lister , E-40, Zoo Life crew, Ice-T, Master P, the Alchemist, MC Eiht, WC, Ice Cube, the Dogg Pound, Mistah FAB, The Jacka, Too Short, and even pornstar Ron Jeremy?

They were all in a music video show casing California.

Am I a little Jaded?
I am not jaded that an east coaster, NY Jets Fan and Future Jets Owner, and a New Jersey business owner was included in a video about California. I mean to overlook someone like me who has lived a majority of my life in LA, grew up with the music of most of people in the video and discovering their music through mix tapes passed around the old fashion way, seeing them perform at house parties, while spending most summers ridding my bike on Alondra Boulevard is completely okay.

Why okay?
Because, it ‘s Gary and he is a nice guy and hopefully he remembers how sad I could have been for being excluded from such a video that he sends me season tickets when he buys the Jets. 🙂 (This Gordo can dream right?)

So for all of you that wonder how I find things days and even weeks before other sites talk about them or get featured on sites like Failblog.

Well, I spend hours wasting time surfing the internet to save you time 🙂