Written by Dave Mora
On Jan 20 , 2005 for Daily Rants

Typos up the yang!


Many people read my blog entries for many reasons. The most popular reason that the visitors have expressed to me is to cont the amount of typos I have and be the first to e-mail typo@eunknown.org about it. I am not sure if people know this but as I type I just type.

Most of the typos I have are due to that fact I suffer from Fat Finger Syndrome and Super Acute Lazy Syndrome. I type as the words and sentences are created in my head and make them selves down to the finger tips. I think at 300 words per minute but I only type 78 words per minute. So, as the words going down my arm to my finger tips reach a bottleneck affect some words get left out.

When the words do make it to the tips of my fingers. My Fat Finger Syndrome takes over and I type things that don’t make sense.

I don’t mind being correct that was the whole point of creating the e-mail typo@eunknown.org.

So, enjoy the rest of my site and if you see a typo e-mail me.

See Typos?
Be my grammar cop.
E-mail me the corrections at [typo@eunknown.org]
To get an explanation about my typos Read Here.
Also, if you see broken images please let me know.

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