Twitter why are you down?

I am really pulling for or any similar technology to take my way of communicating to the next level.

Many people will describe as a Micro-Blogging site or just another Web 2.0 application for the interwebs.

While big media is still trying to define Twitter and try to comprehend why people flock to it? I have love because of what it has enabled me to do.

Twitter has a platform where I can communicate with other people online in real time. Instant messenger was the first technology that allowed me to that but I was not able to communicate with them if they left the online world and left me only with a ?AFK AT WORK? IM status.

Txt message on the phone slowly bridge that gap but their was no way I can give people my cell phone number with the ability to have them txt me when ever they wanted. I don?t think anyone would feel comfortable to give out their phone number to the world just to meet other people that that share the same interest.

This is where technology like has filled the void I had. Twitter allows me to tell the world to message me. Like you. You can follow me on at message me @davemora.

I can select who I reply back to in real time and who can reach me via a txt on my phone. I love the ability where I can hope any browser and message a friend to their phone with out the need of texting them from my phone.

For example recently when my HTC 8125 died I used a second phone with another number on it. My friends on Twitter were still able to txt me from their phones with out the need of me giving them my new number.

The only fear I have now is that I have embraced this technology and use it as a form of communication like I do my e-mail and my cell phone that I forget that this is not a form of communication that will always be available every second of every day.

Why is Twitter Down?

Twitter has been down for a while. I am not able to access it through the web, Twirl, or txt. How can I take this technology and weave it into my day to day life when I can be left deserted when the site goes down.

When twitter goes down anyone I communicate with solely through Twitter will not hear from period.

So what is next for me? Well for now I guess I can go out and enjoy the sun as a valid excuse of not being able to get any work done since I must communicate with some people only on Twitter for my current project.

What I would love to see?

A reliable Twitter the same way I have come to rely on Del Taco having Coca-Cola.

So, what are your thoughts?