Written by Dave Mora
On Mar 29 , 2014 for Daily Rants & eUNKNOWN

Don’t get tagged on Twitter when people post a picture of you.


One of the features I do not care about so much on Facebook is the ability of users tagging you on pictures. The reason I do not enjoy that feature is the way it is misused.

People tag you when you are not in the picture, or when they post pictures of your kids (That’s another issue I have), or when they want to promote something and tag you on a flyer. That is the reason I do not allow people to Tag me on pictures on Facebook.

Well, it seems Twitter will be adding the ability to tag people on pictures too.

I guess they saw the great success Facebook has had with Hastags. (I am being sarcastic because I don’t think Hashtags on Facebook has been successful at all.)

But, that is not going to stop Twitter from taking a Facebook like feature and adding it the Twitter platform.

If you are like me and would prefer to prevent people from tagging you on pictures. I am glad Twitter has thought ahead and included a setting in your privacy settings to prevent them from doing that.

Dave Mora shows you how to prevent people from tagging you on Twitter

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