Twitter is my new crack

Once every few years something comes along that appears to consume me. First was e-mail, then IM, then came rss feeds, and not Twittering. I enjoy coming accross people. Especially people in Los Angeles. So for the people who are now following me on @davemora “Gracias” or “Thank You”.

I came accross two things that are must to Twitter users. TwitPic allows you to text or e-mail a picture and it gets added to your Twitter. I only wish I had come accross this when before the Jay Z concert. I had the best seat in the house. Real time pictures would have been nice.

Twhirl fixed my issue. I also use Pownce and Jaiku for updates. Twhirl fixes that issue for me. My update gets posted to Twitter, Pownce, and Jaiku all at once. Twhirl is a nice little Adobe Air Application.

Good Times.