TSS Sucks!

One of the things I hate about the new The Screen Savers is the lack of knowledge they have now. The Screen Savers use to be a place where I will learn about new products, new sites, and new issues concerning the Tech Industry. Each segment was full of not just interesting facts and ideas but each segment complemented each other. Now it appears a show run by the high school drama class with their heads cut off. A lot of the segments or topic seems like they have checked out SlashDot.org earlier that day and decided to talk about it. Also, the lack of a centralize show website. It apears the hosts are nothing but self promoters to their website. When Sara Lane says the article is on my site and will be on The Screen Savers site soon makes me feel a lack of loyalty to the hand that feeds her.

Although the show is slowly declining is still the onlything offering tech related entertainment in that format. We can only wait and hope for other channels like Discovery or A&E begin to offer similar programing.

I guess what really bothered me and made me rant about this issue was when a viewer called asking how he can change his Network Settings with beside manually when he goes from home to work and work to home. Kevin Rose told the viewer to go to Ip Chicken. That site just tell the visitor what IP they are running. I am assuming the viewer has both static ip service at home and needs to use a static ip at work and the viewer already knows his IP Address. What the viewer needs is a tool that lets you have 2 connections and you get to click witch one you need to run for that session. A program like Ip Changer 2.0 would do the trick. I also believe Windows XP has a way were you can have 2 Local Area Connections and just Enable the one you will be using.

Well this rant is over time to watch some more The Screen Savers