Trillian Review

Trilian by Cerulean Studios may be the best IM client for the Windows Platform. Not only does it support all IM services like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, but even IRC. The ability to use all your IM accounts in one simple program and work off one buddy list for all services. Makes your IM world easier to deal with. Trillian supports Skins so not only can you make it look different but if you are talented enough you can make your own. Cerulean Studios offers 2 versions. A free version and then the Pro version. The pro version supports plugins and some of the plugins kick ass and make the pro well worth buying. Is only $25.00 dollars and you get 1 year of support and life time free updates.

I have been using IM services for the longest and so have my friends. Over the years my friends and co-workers have started to getting onto IM services and that is when the problem began. Some people will be on Yahoo, others on MSN, and then everyone else on AIM/AOL. After many attempts to try and unified everyone into 1 simple IM service I finally gave up. I, like many other began using all of them just to communicate with all of my contacts.

Them came Trillian. Trillian enables you no only to have your AIM, Yahoo, and MSN accounts running but also your ICQ, and IRC services. Now, I was able to talk to all my contacts under one single buddy list and most important one single application. Trillian has so many features that I wont be able to go over them. Here are just a few of buddylist tools I love. I can rename the user ID. So, instead of having AIM user iam2Selxejf4u I can rename them to Mike, Susan or what ever name I rather use then their username. Also, you can add contact notes so you can remind your self of your friends birthdate or what they hate and love.

One thing that set Trilian appart from early begining was the ability to log into 2 or more accounts under the same service. So, if you are like me I have my public AIM of DaveMora80 and my personal AIM for real friends/server AIM. I can still use only 1 application.

The installation of Trilian is easy too. Just run the installation tell it where to install and what shortcuts you want created. The best part is that you don’t need admin rights on your work computer so you can install it if is okay with your employeer with out calling the IT department.

To me the expandabilty is what add life to an application. Not only is the Trilian awsome to begin with but it supports Skins. Why not make your IM look the way you feel. The Skins feature is support by both the free and paid version of Trilian.

Another feature that just won me over was the support of Plugins. The Plugins support is currently only available for the Trillian Pro. But, let me tell you is worth paying the $25.00 dollar. Their are so many plugins to list so I will go over the ones I use and love. The most important plugin for me is the POP3 plugin. From with in Trillian I know when I have new mail because it checks it on my time preference. So, I know when I got a new mail as I do when I get a new message. The Mail Splitter allows you to send really long response and it will maake sure the other person gets it by cutting your 1 long message into 2 shorter ones. This is perfect because sometimes when I get on a row and I start typing I come to see the last 2 sentences were cut off. And now for the final one that lets me enjoy my chatting. This is the MP3 Player plugin. Another application that I no longer need to use. I can play mp3’s from with in my Trillian.

So overall I love this program both the free version and the pro but their are some CONS. The biggest CON is that due to the fact that the other providers don’t like you using a 3rd party IM client they make changes to their services to prevent programs like Trilian to access their network. So, every few months you have to install a new update patch that gets around the blocks.