Written by Dave Mora
On May 07 , 2014 for Daily Rants

Radio Active site in the middle of a community in New York


I was reading about radio active sites in the United States. When reading those places I just imagine empty buildings, empty lots, and locations that are not ventured by people because they have been abandon due to the contaminated soil and hazardous link to just standing on the ground that is full of radio activity.

I was freaking wrong and I was hurt to see a community stuck in the middle of a radio active site

When I came across this image. I just picture a large part of New York empty and possibly lot of empty building that once housed contaminated waste.

Dave Mora reads about radio active hot sports in New York

I decided check out the site location with google maps. Thinking that I will be finding some sort of Ghost Town. But, I was wrong. What I came to discover was a community.

Dave Mora discovers a community living on a radio active hot spot.

I came across this video about that same community on the New Yorker website.

It gives you a better understanding on how this happen. Also, I am not familiar with New York enough but it seems that if you lived in New York something like this is not new.

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