To Typo or Not To Typo

Is my bloging humor not understood by many?

Sadly my humor is only understood by few and the ones that grasp the typos on my site are even fewer. But, after reading a few e-mails that some of my subscribers have sent me I have come to a point where I will have to make a decision.

The first issue I need to address are my typos.

The typos, for the most part, on the site are intentional. So, with that said please understand I am not a total idiot.

I just play one on TV.

So there is no need for me to hire a proofreader or have someone check my writing before I hit publish.

But, I am still tempted to keep my typos going for the few that participate in the e-mail game �Count the typos�.


[still thinking]

So after my brainstorming this is my conclusion. I will only make a small change. I have created a category �Count the typos�. Entries filed in that category will have typos. I wonder if that e-mail game will ever become a drinking game?

If you do come across typos out side that category please feel free to contact me.

The second issue is my lack of articles.

I can sit here and come up with some excuses but the truth is I been slacking off. So, I will try to write 1 article a month.

– Thank you for your time