Written by Dave Mora
On Feb 10 , 2009 for Daily Rants

To get more followers you must …..


Twitter is plain and simple but yet here we are talking about it and wanting to be part of it. Everyone has a 10 things you must know or do when you join Twitter.

But, the truth is that Twitter is what you make of it.

If you want to be a spammer and follow the world. You can do that.
If you want to follow back everyone that follows you. You can do that.
If you want to make it private and only follow people you really know. You can do that.
If you wan to use it as a Instant Messenger. You can do that.

You can do what ever you want.

But, no matter how you use it. You are always thinking about that follower number. I don’t care who you are. You always look at that the following number.

And now I go the secret on how to get followers.

I learned this technique from the awesome from singer Katy Perry ( You can listen to her song at http://blip.fm/~23ruu )

Dave Mora loves Kerry

The super secret is not to follow everyone, is not to update every 20 seconds, is not to reply to people you know, or put your 2 cents to someone’s post that you are following.

The trick is to do nothing and forget about your twitter account.

Here is my super technique put to action.

Karry Love Dave mora

So, now that you have the super duper secret. Please don’t forget to follow me at (@davemora)

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