Thinking the Worse

So I got home late last night. Getting ready to go sleep the phone rings. I checked my the caller ID and it read. [UNKNOWN]. Usually I don’t pick up unknown calls.

But, I ended up picking up the call. It was my kid sister. I can tell by the sound of her voice she was scared and something was not good.

It turns out my mother was taken to the hospital via an ambulance.

No knowing what was going on I took off to the hospital. Me being me. I began to think for the worse.

After an hour of being forced to wait in the waiting room I was allowed to see her. I was happy to see her talking and being normal. She was not sure why she got sick. But, then again no one ever knows until they get sick.

She was released many hours later. Turns out to be something small and she just needs medicine and rest.

So I am glad that ended like that.