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Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 10 , 2006 for Daily Rants

The VHS of our Generation!


When I say VHS I mean the format war between VHS and Beta back when I was probably not even a young lad.

Currently we have a High Definition Format War. Between the Blu-Ray camp and the HD-DVD camp.

Problem is not that one is better then the other. Currently the problem is delays in the product launch, price, and content.

Quietly a new company will hit the market and may not only solve the high price issue. But, it might hit the market way before anyone else offering the same High Definition capabilities.

This is my High Def Player forget about blue ray or hd-dvd.

Engadget is reporting the third HD format VMD launching for $175 at CES.

So, one more both that I will be marking as a must visit when I am at CES.

Yup, Good Times for me!

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