The Supreme Court rules against file sharing piracy

The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously against peer-to-peer software creators who push their networks as a means to distribute copyrighted material.

[My Rant Begins]

I can’t tell you how frustrating this gets. People with out an understanding on technology ruling against it. How can you hold someone responsible when some one else abuses the product?

I know I am going to the extreme but when does it stop? Will it stop when we sue makes of pens that allow people to pass fraudulent checks? Will it stop when we sue lighter manufactures for allowing someone to burn the flag? Will we sue textbook makers for allowing kids to fail out of school? Will we sue Network Stations for making good shows that makes us choose TV over exercise? Will we sue Ryan Seacrest for wasting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Okay maybe we can sue Ryan Seacrest for being Ryan Seacrest. But, when will it stop. Why are we wasting our tax money on this when we could use it for something better like making our schools better.

Alright my rant is over.

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