The Soda Machine took my money!

[Give me my Coke]

I work in a building that is 3 floors so our break areas tend to be far from us. We have 2 vending machines on each side of the building. We have a Coke Vending Machine on one end and the Pepsi Machine on the other end. So, I needed to get my caffeine fix but I forgot my dollars at home today. So, I manage to scavenge .65 cents. The bad thing is that the Coke Machine near me charges .70 cents so I have to make the journey to the Pepsi machine to is 200 yards away.

So, I made my journey to the Pepsi machine only to enter all of the change and on the last coin the machine ate it.


I walked back to my desk like a dog that was run over and left to die. Now, I have no caffein and I am pissed off at the machine that took my money.

O well