The day is too short.

I am the first to say 24 hours in one day is not enough. I my self need at least 36 hours in a day. I pack my day so much with so many projects that I never get nothing done. I need 8 hours to code 8 hours to play my video games and sports, 8 hours with the wife, 8 hours with a job that pays the bills, and then 8 hours for my other projects. Hmm that is already more then 24 hours and I have not included my 8 hours of sleep.

That is why I was happy to read about the Uberman’s Sleep Schedule.

But, then I read this at the end:

“Uberman’s sleep schedule is a potentially dangerous way to increase your waking hours. Although I found success with it to this point, there still may be physical and psychological dangers that I have not yet met, and there may be grave difficulties for others attempting the cycle.”

So, now I am confuse and thinking about it long term.