Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 25 , 2005 for Daily Rants

The Book of IT


Over the years many of my work has been publish by Magazines and my Digital Ownership of that work was lost when I cahsed my check. For a while I been trying to get most of the rights to my original work so I can re-publish them or post on my blog. Sadly that battle is being lost.

So, I decided to move on and begin to write and have my work get publish. That is where LuLu.com comes in.

So moving forward. I will be publishing all my future work through LuLu.com. So check out my Online Store Front and buy my first publish work. The Book of IT

See Typos?
Be my grammar cop.
E-mail me the corrections at [typo@eunknown.org]
To get an explanation about my typos Read Here.
Also, if you see broken images please let me know.

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