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Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 10 , 2004 for Daily Rants



Many people I know either love the movie Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory or hate it with their guts. As for me I love that movie. For many reasons. The main reason was because the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the first book I really read and enjoyed when I was really young.

But, now it appears they are re-making the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I am not sure if this is more based on the book or is based on the second book.


Well it has been a while since I have had the TGIF feeling. I usually work on the weekends but not this weekend. So, I trully feel TGIF. But, I know me I will go home and do nothing maybee hang out with a few co-workers or catch a flick with the misses.


Well last night I got my memory I order from eBAY. Once again I was like a kid that just got candy. As I open the packaged I just hoped that it was 1 stick of 32 MB and not 2 stick like last time. So, as I open it I was so happy to see 1 stick of 32 MB. I put the 4 sticks of ram on the my old Packard Bell computer and turn it on.

[Beffed Up 133 MHZ system]

So now I have a 133 Pentium 1 with 128 MB of Ram. Talk about a over powered old computer. Thanks to my homie RonRon and his old 4.3 GB Hard Drive I started to install SuSE Linux 6.2. I got up to Disk 4 before I went to bed. So, I should have the finished up. I am still debating if I should just make the firewall/router from the SuSE distro or do it from another distro put together for that.

Now, I am in search for an ISA ethernet card. Since this computer only has 1 PCI Slot.

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