Ten years of xbox, 17 years of Greenday, and 15 with the wife :)

I can not believe it has been ten years.

It wasn’t until this morning when I received and e-mail from Microsoft thanking me for being an Xbox Live Subscriber for 10 consecutive years that I realized two things.

One – I am still paying for Xbox Live? I started with Xbox with the original XBOX and I thought I had cancelled it years ago when my account failed to migrate from my XBOX 360 that red ring to the replacement. So, for 5 years I have been paying for it without noticing. I guess that is why I always assumed Netflix and other service worked with the free Xbox Live account. Well I can confirm now that it doesn’t.

So, now I officially cancelled my Xbox Live Gold Membership and have my confirmation e-mail to confirm it.

Second – Wow has it been really ten years? I remember playing the heck out of the original Xbox until a day where my Saved Fable game was deleted (Ask the wife about that).

But, the cool thing Microsoft gave me a Helmet for my Avatar thanking me for the years.

Dave Mora's 10 years on Xbox Live :)

17 years of Greenday thanks to Illegal Interns.

I still remember watching “Illegal Interns” and their old site is still up over at Tripod. I grew up without cable so not only was Illegal Interns my version of MTV but it also exposed the local art and music scene. Plus, is nice to see one of the Hosts “Flavio Morales” have a fancy job title. 🙂

So, why that long winded mention about “Illegal Interns” well because of them they introduces a lot new sounds that let me go out in search of music. This was the era before youtube and mp3’s. We were still paying to use the internet hourly in those days.

They sparked something in me to go out and look for interesting thing and that is how I came accross a mixed tape with a band called Greenday and that let me to go and look for their new album called Kerplunk.

So by the time Dookie came out I was already a fan.

I am also glad the re-record “Welcome to Paradise” for the Dookie release.

With Greenday’s latest release – I noticed I have been listening to them for almost if not more then 17 years.

15 years with the Misses.

So, I started to thing about the many things in my life. I can count friendhips in the decades and being with 15 years next year. I guess is time to start planning something special for that anniversary. Lucky for me – I think I know the perfect Lego set to get her. 🙂

She is a Lego fanatic as much as I am tech fanatic so maybe that is the secret of our Marriage or maybe is the fact that we love each other unconditionally and learned early on to accept each other for who we are and not for who we could be or once were. #justsaying