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Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 03 , 2012 for Daily Rants

Now for some Tech Rants


IE 6.0 sucks!

For the record. I have been an Opera Browser for almost as long as I have been on the interwebz.

Full Disclosure. I will always have Opera’s Back and hopefully one day I get a tour of their HQ. They are always ahead of the curb. Why do I even mention this? Not, sure – By now you should know I ramble on..

When Firefox pivot started to gain users by the masses it was for a simple idea called Tab Browsing. (Something I believe Opera had before) Tab browsing, No Active X, and forcing web developers to code with standards pushed the web forward.

I agree – Internet Explorer 6.0 compare to the new Firefox and current Modern browsers. Suck!

But, if you still think IE sucks based on your IE 6.0 experience – You need a reality check. Why? Think about it. IE 6.0 came out 10 years ago. It’s like saying the Apple Macintosh of 10 years ago sucks compared to the Gateway of today. Yes, the Mac of 10 years will suck compare to any modern technology.

I have been speaking on this with people for the last 2 years. Especially when they see me use IE or my Windows Phone.

(I am an enigma, because I actively use Opera, IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on a daily basis – That’s what happens when use multiple platforms on your day to day life. )

If are hardcore Firefox user and will always say IE sucks bases on the reason why you switch from IE to Firefox 10 years ago I just want you to know this. Firefox is the new IE 🙂

So, I was happy to see the new Internet Explorer commercial 🙂

Tech blogs are getting lazy

This is a problem I see not just in tech blogs – I see it everywhere. Especially on Network news.

The problem is the quality of so called news is minimal and fluffed and stretch to make it appear as original content.

The new Digg is great because it gives me stuff at a glance. They don’t produce content they just aggregate. That is not the problem.

The example is this:

They linked to an article name “A New Xbox Is Coming Next Year” on Business Insider.

Reading the article you notice that they credit the image and possibly the article to Gizmodo.

You then come to find that the image Business Insider used is part of the Gizmodo Article on the same topic and you can read it at

When you read the Gizmodo article you will then notice they credit Bloomberg and following the link you realized that they wrote it up. Possibly, the source of all the this information over at

So what is my beef?

Well none really. It just the practice of re-hashing out news that others have reported annoys me. I guess that is one of the reasons I miss the computer magazines (Yes, I am an old guy) – But, even though you were reading something that you have already heard about. The format magazines offered was to write about it with more detail and usually with more information. They had time to get the actual facts and not write on assumptions or rumors.

That is why all the sites that re-ported that Google bought an ISP based on the Verge’s post. Had to deal with a “My bad” the funnier ones where the smaller blogs that claimed their so called “People related to the matter” were people they knew and were the source when in fact all they do is pass other articles as their own just for the traffic.

So I guess what I want is better quality content from blogs that are businesses and employ people.

What would UNKNOWN Designer Do?

For many years I have come to know designers, developers, and even coders. To me they are the true magic behind the company. As my kids get older and they start to tap their creativity and want to apply it to current technology I start to wonder.

While other parents wonder if their kids will be the next successful C.E.O. like Jobs, Gates, of the Zuckmister. I start wonder if my kids will be come the next great designer.

Recently, Mari left Foursquare. Now, I don’t personally know her. But, I have known her work especially over at and I started to notice that I started to follow designers, developers, and coders the same a fan would follow an artist.

I blame the Design Class I recently took. Where I started to know the history of design and the evolution of it. Where I started to recognize the work of artist based on company logos they worked on.

That is probably why I started to tell other parents who are trying to encourage their kids to be the next Jobs. That they should rather hope their kids be the next unknown designer that shapes the flow and feel of the next big product. I for one am a fan of the Foursquare icon style that attracted me to it when it all started. Back when I was a big BrightKite user.

So if your kids are creative let them be creative. Don’t try to wish or push them to be a the next [ENTER FACE OF A COMPANY HERE] but instead let them be who they are and build their style that will have almost the similar influence as that [ENTER FACE OF A COMPANY HERE] possibly has.

#my2cents 🙂

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