Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 31 , 2012 for Team Gordo

#teamgordo day 5


I celebrate every pound lost.

So, today is my 5th day of my journey. I officially lost 6 pounds. Sure, that doesn’t seem much but if I can manage to loose 1 pound day – I can’t wait for #teamgordo day 100

I know I am impatient and I want results now. But, I change my mindset by simply celebrating every pound lost.

Eating less is more.

I really anticipated having a hard time adjusting to not eating out and cutting out the sugary drinks. Instead of eating 3 large meals – I am just eating many small ones and healthy snacks.

When I was younger every time I said I was hungry my parents would say eat an apple. Not sure how many people have that saying. But, that is something I am also embracing that type of thought this time around.

So, when I am hungry between meals I just go and grab a fruit.

Water, Water, and more Water but sometimes with lemon.

Sugary drinks have been my downfall for a over decade. It seems to be a recurring theme for me. I drank at a lot of soda. So, when replacing it with water I thought it was going to be hard. Although I struggle every day to not drink soda keeping my goals in mind have helped me.

Plus, I am finally taking advantage of my employers perks of providing ice and cold water for free. This might seem like a silly perk but my last employer required employees to pay for the water delivered to the workplace.

It’s always good thing when your own body starts craving ice cold water. Never thought ice cold water with lemon would taste so good. 🙂

The car runs better after an oil change.

My brother in-law would always point out how much better his car runs after an oil change. I somewhat feel that way. I keep telling my wife how much better I feel and in turn run after a few days of healthy eating and drinking water. I started to think about my brother in-law how he would proudly point out that the oil change makes the car run better because I starting to feel that way when I think of water making me feel better.

So lets see what another 95 days will bring to me.

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