#teamgordo day 46

It’s been a while but I am still on my journey

It’s been a while since I have posted. Usually when someone stops writing especially about something such as weight loss it means they have hit a road block or have eventually put the journey on hold.

I can’t even count how many times I have started this journey to just put it on hold for months and even years.

But, this time my silence between post hasn’t been because I have put my journey on hold. In contrast I am still on my steady path.

Today marks the 46th day.

Cheat Meals!

When you talk to people who are on similar journeys or fitness people they always talk about having a cheat meal.

Personally, I started to tell my self that a cheat meal was at the end of this milestone.

Was it worth it? – Not really. The first month I ate very healthy meals. So, much that when I rewarded my self with the so called cheat meal my own body punished me for it. It did not seat well and I felt horrible during the next few days during my work out.

But, damn it – Wingstop sure makes some yummy food.

The other downfall (For me) of having a so called cheat meal is that I ended up stuffing my face with it and over eating. – Not good

So, now I view the so called “Cheat Meals” differently. For starters I don’t see them as cheat meals.

I think calling them / viewing them as a cheat meal ends up attaching some kind of emotion to it. Being guilt or something else. The same way we add emotion to so called comfort food. – Giving the un-healthy food the emotion of comfort is what landed me here to begin with.

I now see food as food and energy. Some food give you more energy and others don’t. Some food make you perform better and others do not. I also think about where I want to be and what is helping me get there.

I also started to think “Okay, I want to drink a can of Cola. But, how many more minutes do I have to exercise to be where I want to be?”. Knowing and exercising longer has help me curb the negative effects of those times I elect to have those meals or drinks. But, I have come to a point where my own body makes me want an apple instead of a bag of chips or water instead of a soda pop.

I am happy for that change in me. I am happy I have been able to change that way.

The last post I wrote. I wrote about not drooping the weight as quickly as I thought I should. Although I am still trailing downward and not as fast as I want. I come to realize that I feel better, stronger, and over all happier.

286 is no 186

When I started this journey I gave my self a number I would like to see on a scale. That number was 186. The ideal weight for me and what I was at almost a decade ago. It’s weird because when I started this I was 305 could hardly keep up with running a lap without panting like an Ox and dealing with back pain. 186 seemed so far away when looking at my self at 305.

Now it seems like I have progress as I see 286 on my scale. I don’t sound like an Ox gasping for air and just recently I was able to run 1.5 miles without any back issues.

When I run into people I haven’t seen in the last 3 months and they notice the change it confirms that I am on the right track.

Yes, we always need that reassurance from people. 🙂

It’s not an easy journey. It’s not a journey with quick fixes or overnight success. It is also not a journey you can keep going alone. Ok – Technically you can. But, like anything when you surround your self with people who also want to see you succeed. The journey becomes easier.

What makes this time different?

For me – It has been my kids, my wife, my friends, and apps. (Yes, I said apps)

The last two years have been interesting. Since I left the “Evil Empire” (Former employer) a lot of positive things have happen due to timing.

When I decided to start this journey I re-connected with a long time friend I hadn’t seen in almost 7 years. Turns out he runs a fitness club. So that same week I started with his club and he has been instrumental in making sure I work out the right way.

My wife makes sure I take my salads to work because without my salads the only real options around my office is good old unhealthy fast food eateries. So, making sure I bring my food prevents me from seeking junk food when I am hungry.

My new employer allows me to work from home. So, when I am working at home I do simple and quick exercises throughout my shift.

My kids remind me every day why I am doing it. I want to live longer for them.

Apps have come in handy. You have mobile apps on your phone that help you track your progress, count your calories, and even help you train.

I am a sucker for Metrics and pretty graphs. So, I love entering my progress (Good or Bad) and see the big picture in a nice graph with an arrow pointing on my weight going down and arrows pointing up on my ability to walk more, do more reps, and go farther. It’s silly but simple graphs also keeps me motivated.

So for those of you still thinking about starting the journey or are in your second week without seeing any real change.

Trust me – You will start feeling better before you start seeing any real change. Start a simple routine of doing push ups. You might only do 1 for weeks. But, then you will do 5, 10, and 15 without any problems.

That is how I really measure my progress. I may not see the scale number go down or my pants start to falling off but I see how stronger am I getting.

I many not see the change but as long as I can do more push ups today then I did my first day. I feel I am still moving forward.

On Day 1 I struggle with push ups after I did the 1st one and now on Day 46 I struggle with push ups after I do 25.

Remember you are not the first one on this journey and you wont be the last one on this journey.

This is one of many videos of others. Just stay determined and you (along with me) will be able to add our selves to that group of people that started to live a long and healthy life.