#teamgordo day 15

Still going on strong

I am not going to lie. The last few says I have been craving some of those drive-through yummies. But, this time around somehow my will power is allowing me to make healthier choices.

Also, I decided to reward my self with a meal of my choice once I loose the first 40 pounds.

If you live in the Valley you know of “Carnitas Michoacan“. I decided to celebrate my first 40 pounds lost with a “Torta de Milansas”. But, I recently came accross http://iamsanfernando.com/san-fernando-food-trucks article over at iamsanfernando.com and I only wish I would have started this journey months ago because I would have made that event my reward to indulge in all the possible yummy trucks.

I know that Trendy Food Trucks are not so trendy anymore especially if you live in Los Angeles. But, the Valley hasn’t been bombarded by them as LA has so I think we can still enjoy them. So, if you live in the Valley I think this event is worth checking out. You might see me just indulging on the yummy smell. #justsaying

My 3rd group workout

So today was my third group workout and it was great. The first two workouts felt like punishment. Every minute of the workout felt long and painful. The previous workout I spent most of the time trying to catch my breath and just trying to keep up.

Although, today I was still trying to keep up with the workout. I notice that my recoveries between the exercises matched those around me – oppose to that last two times where I needed more time to catch my breath.

Today’s workout felt like a workout and after the session I felt I could have gone for a bit more.

Engine Stalling

15 days ago I started to celebrate every pound lost. I weight my self every day but a few days ago my weight lost just hover around the same number. I must say that for those days I felt depressed. Almost, like I wasn’t doing enough. It made me rethink my strategy.

I know that people have different opinions and many people urge you not to weight your self daily. I knew I wasn’t so called gaining weight because I feel stronger and overall healthier. (Yes, I can start telling my self that I am rebuilding my muscle since muscle weights more the fat)

Sadly, my OCD just makes me want to know where I am daily.

It wasn’t until I measured my waist that I was reminded of my progress. I have lost 1 inch of my waist.

So now.

Not only am I celebrating every pound that I lost. But, also every inch that waist shrinks.

So, where ever you with your journey, if you starting, in the middle, or even just thinking about starting it. Just remember that you should keep going with that journey and progress continues within you and the scale may not reflect that all the time.