#teamgordo day 1

Dave Mora gordo shirts.

An introduction to BlogofaGordo.com

DaveMora.com is my site and although I have a section name “Blog of a Gordo” it lives through the URL blogofagordo.com.

Why does a section have it’s own website address?

Well Blogofagordo is not just a section – it is my latest journey and eventually it will have daily updates from exercises, my progress, recipes, and even a podcast. So, to prevent a single section from taking over the main site with so many frequent posts. I decided to make it possible for those of you interested in my journey to simply visit it via blogofagordo.com or you can click on it after visiting and davemora.com – I am all about optons.

I will only post blogofagordo updates on the davemora.com homepage to announce milestones or updates like this one.

My Blog of A Gordo post will be hones and at time might even be to honest as I will struggle through my journey. I hope to keep it honest and hopefully help someone start their own journey.

This is my first post and example of what you can expect.

#TeamGorgo Day One

It’s no secret that I have been dealing with my wait for a very long time. I embraced the term of “Gordo” as the term of endearment that it was from those close to me. It’s once of those words that those around me called me without any malice. But, even though those around me meant no harm deep inside It hurt. It hurt because of what I have allowed my self to become.

Today was day 1 of my new journey. A day that I finally top the scale at 305. I wasn’t always this big. One of the things I hated running into people who knew me 10 years ago was their first comment to point out the obvious – That I had gained weight.

I have a thick skin so it never bothered me especially since I always pointed out how much uglier they had gotten. Yes, the rude eUNKNOWN still lives in me.

But, I always find it interesting on why people would point something out. Trust me. When you gain weight. Regardless of the amount you are aware of it. You are upset about it. In some cases you might be even dealing with depression because of it. So, why point it out?

So, I started my first day with a goal to make it a local workout group my friend runs. I hope to introduce my friend and his workout in the near future. But, I don’t blog and mention others without first talking to them about it and getting their approval.

I have known this friend for almost a decade and just recently discovered his workout group he holds every Saturday at our local park. If you been reading following my tweets would know that the last year a lot of things have come together. So, when I came across my friends workout group and how he actually helps people who want to start a journey to a healthier life style it felt like it was all planned together.

I reached to him and he welcomed me to his workout group.

I can honestly say it has been years since I had a real workout. So, I was not sure what to expect. My only goal was to finish the workout without throwing up or passing out.

I am happy to report that I finish the workout without passing out or throwing up. 2 points for me 🙂

I have started this journey many times before and the fact that I am talking here about starting another one confirms that all the previous one have been failures. But, they did not failed – I failed.

I am certain that trying to loose weight is as hard as trying to kick a bad addiction. Because, a successful story of loosing weight and living healthier always has the same theme of when you win the fight with addiction.

The person was finally ready and wanted the change.

That is how I feel this time around. I feel this time is different because I am different. I don’t just want it. I know I want it. I want the change.

So, I started day 1 at 305 pounds. Everything in life and things you want to do have a weight limit. When you get to 300 those limits start hitting you in the face. You can’t zipline, skydive, and other things I can’t really remember being told no to.

It is not just working out. I for one enjoy working out. The issue for me has been dealing with the really bad eating habits I have inherit from my high school days.

Day one I cut the sugary drinks. I have been dealing with that for a long time with multiple failed attempts. But, after the workout I had today. My own body demanded water. Today was the best day to end the idea of drinking soda. Water (Cold Water) is my new drink of choice.

I also decided to eat healthier today. This is going to be a bigger task because I really want to focus on learning to cook / put together healthy meals on my own.

Because of my work schedule. My day ends at 11AM – since I sleep until 5PM (I work graveyard hours). So my first day ended with a great workout, water into my system and rediscovering my love of fruits, vegetables, and milk. 🙂