Written by Dave Mora
On Jan 21 , 2005 for Daily Rants

TakeDown This!


Recently, I began to play some games on my Xbox console. I got hooked on Fable. But, that game got old and redundant.

So, I headed to the Blockbuster a few weeks back and I decided to rent Burnout 3 from EA. I played this game at my friends Miggs house and I got hooked on it.

Besides the great graphics and good soundtrack. The game play is the best. I really hate paying 49.99 dollars for a game but this is well worth it. You get your traditional race style. Like win first place to move on, time challenges, but the best one is the Takedown challenge where you have to take down your opponents as you race.

After the many late fees and sleepless nights while playing this game. I decided to buy the game. When is still questioned.

I have only finished a few games in my life.

Super Mario Bros
Legend of Fall
Syphon Filter
Tony Hawk

I think I will be adding Burnout 3 to the list.

The only issue I have with this game is stupid Stryker. Is bad enough he is on my radio but now on the game.

[Damn it]

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