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Youtube for kids!

As a parent I have done my best to protect my kids from randomly coming across things on the internet that are not appropriate. I use services like OpenDNS and use an “Allow List”. This way I can ensure only sites I approve can be seen by my kids regardless of what device and platform they are on since I do this filtering at the DNS level.

But, Youtube is a hard property to manage as a parent. I try not to be a helicopter parent but I don’t want my kids to search for minecraft videos and then end up “Iraq Mines Explosions” as suggested video. Also, some comments are worse then the videos showing someone getting hurt.

Youtube For Kids standalone app is a good start. But, doesn’t really help if I still want my kids to enjoy Music Videos or I do approve of some Channels that are not yet listed in the App.

Since, it is an app it does little for the when my kids are on Youtube on their laptops.

I do recommended it as a good start for parents you want their kids to stream kid friendly apps.

If this post someone how makes it to the someone who is working on the Youtube for Kids project. Please, do the following just to make me happy 🙂

– Ensure all video assets are not on the youtube.com domain. This way I can block youtube.com and ensure none of the assets are blocked.

– Instead of an app platform many kids as young as 2 years old are already familiar with the youtube.com UX/UI so simply mirror the basic youtube.com experience to a separate domain such as youtubeforkids.com and make it so that every user needs to login.

As a parent I will create a user account for my kids. By forcing all the users to login I can ensure that my kids experience can be what I determine regardless of what device or platform they are on since they will simply be going to the website. Through this website comments will be disabled and they will only see channels pre-approved by Youtube for kids.

– Allow me to white list channels that I have seen and I feel comfortable allowing my kids view.

– Send me a weekly e-mail of what my kids are searching for.

So, if you can do the above items I mentioned I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

I’m Asian. How are you?

Their are many few web series that get me interested in following them and seeing where they go. But, this one is still young enough and I am really interested to see where it goes.

Plus, I am not sure why but the title gets stuck in my head like a pop tune does when I turn off the radio. I am can found saying “I am Asian. How are you?” in that Movie Phone voice that we have all come recognize.

So, here is the latest Episode.

Full disclosure, I have hung out with the Host / Star of the show @ScotSu but, only to secure my self as the first Guatemalan “Gordo” to be interviewed by him. But, so far my pleads are not working. LOL

DMS AskDave? Edition Episode 5

This week I got 1 e-mail. But, first I just want to remind people that along with my useless content that I make. I can also produce some useless answers. With that said here was the e-mail.

Tak wants to know about places where you can upload your videos. Is their really a major difference from sites like Vimeo and YouTube when it comes to good quality?

We have video sites that are trying to seperate them selves from other Video sharing sites by using taglines like ” We can handle HD Videos “. In my opinion is that a so called HD site is only worth it if they can host your 700+ megabyte video files. I have seen good quality videos on sites like YouTube and check out all of Revision3 releases on Viddler. They look awesome.

Is no secrete that I am new to video blogging game. Check out my videos and you will notice that slowly my videos are getting better. They have gone from CRAPPY videos to Less Crappy Videos. No hardware has change. I am using the same computer, same video editing software, and same crappy camera. The only thing that has changed is how I am transcoding my video.

All of the video sites transcode your video to Flash Video (.FLV) so the trick is to find out what is the best format to save your videos that converts best to (.FLV) and keeps the good quality.

I use Viddler not because they transcode the video better although some how it does look better in Viddler but because I enjoy their comment features and how I can put a comment to a link that will appear on the video time line.

If you are a content creator I suggest you put your content on every Video Sharing site you can think of. Especially when you are starting out. Because, you just never know where your audience is hanging out at.

That is where services like TubeMogul come in handy. TubeMogul allows you to upload your video to them. Then they will send it to every Video Sharing site that you have an account with.

Now, TubeMogul has a limit on file sizes. My solution is to convert my videos to (.FLV) locally on the computer and then uploading it to TubeMogul.

So that does it for this Edition of AskDave?

If you have a question or an insult e-mail us directly at askdave @ eunknown.org

16 year old girl talks about her rape on YouTube

I came across this article on CNN when looking for news about something else. It basically reports on a 16 year old girl that recorded a video pooring her heart about a tragic event in her life.

When most people use services on like YouTube, Vimeo, or Viddler to show the world happy moments or silly ones. This 16 year old sits in front of her camera to share how she was raped and no one is listening.

16 year old gets raped

CNN reports ?Orange County authorities charged the 23-year-old man Crystal accused of assaulting her with lewd or lascivious battery. According to court documents, Crystal and the man both said they had an ongoing sexual relationship.?

In Florida where this took place the age of consent is 16. When this happen the girl was a month away from her 16th birthday so they decided not to pursue any other charges.

As terrible as this is I starting to wonder if the internet desensitize us?

How many of would have seen the video and just assume it was another viral video?

I know I would have thought that and wonder when the second video would come out. I know it sounds really bad but I am just being honest.