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Day 3 – Final day and opinion of the New Media Expo 2013

I am back home in Los Angeles and it is good to be back home with my family, my bed, and the ability to eat out without paying 100 dollars for a burger, fries, and a soda. (Yes, I know I am exaggerating but it sure feels Vegas nickles and dimes you for everything. But, maybe it’s because I am not a big gambler so I don’t get enough comps to get low priced things or even free ones)

I wasn’t in Vegas for the gambling as most of you guys know. I was in Vegas for the New Media Expo an event that I have been attending for almost 7 years and an event that has gone through some re-branding. But, this year was a great one as I am continuing this journey of refocusing my content creation efforts as I have more time now in my life to do so.

I got to meet some really interesting people, reconnected with some long lost bloggers, said hello to some in people that I had only spoken with through e-mail or skype. I also got to meet a lot of people with so much fluff and bad car sales men tactics that made me go Yuk!.

Asking me what I do is not an open invitation for your sales pitch!

But, overall it was a great time and this conference was about the connections outside the keynotes, outside the speaking room, and the connections outside the event it self.

I met some funny characters, some serious ones, some bitter ones, some who thought me a lot, and some that gave me the privileged to share with them what I know.

In a way this conference was more meaningful to me because this year I went as a business owner with the launch of Moriboy / Dave Mora Inc. My little tech consulting business that has been 15 years in the making. It’s the year that I go back to my blogging and content creation roots. It’s basically the year of me as some of you have notice my #teamgordo postings. The year is only a few days in and I already did a Guest Blog post over at Runtastic that talks about my #teamgordo journey.

But, New Media Expo wasn’t perfect. Some speakers were a joke and others were just a mess. But, that is why you have to have the attitude that the next big thing is next to the failing talk you are in or the insightful knowledge you will learn from the person walking next to you down the conference halls. So, everyone should always have a sense of humor and know it is okay to leave a talk if you feel it’s not for you. Because, that one thing that will give you the WOW moment might be in the next talk you accidentally walk into.

The only issues I have with my trip was sadly the Hotel. I stayed at the Las Vegas Rio.

Now, some people had a problem with the rooms. But, I think it was because they were expecting a Suite with feather pillows or they only travel in mostly 5 start hotels with stuff made out of gold. . ( Apparently from an #awesome funny guy I met during the conference you can call them at 3 AM and demand them – LOL )

I usually travel in economy or stay at Circus Circus so the Las Vegas Rio when it comes to what the suite offered me was great.

But, I had some issues with there “We charge you extra if you want to check in early or check out after 11 AM” and the majority of their staff didn’t care or care enough for the people staying on the property.

Staying at the Rio Las Vegas for New Media Expo 2013

My only issue – Well big issue
I was happy to see that the Las Vegas Rio had a twitter account @riovegas and going to a conference that is very twitter centric it was great to see some of the early engagement from the hotel. I liked how they used twitter to inform people that internet access would be free during our stay.

I am not sure if they were not use to people trying to engage with them or use twitter only to resolve issues. Because, they had many people complaining only on twitter about issues that went unanswered. I am not familiar with the @riovegas enough to know if they engage people or use it only to pump out promotions. If they are using so called Social Media with the billboard model of one way communication. I think they are doing it wrong and missing the point of the term “Social“.

I have a feeling they were just overwhelmed or like many companies have one person doing the social media thing for the brand and that person probably went home for the weekend.

How can @riovegas win people over?
Not sure if they care or want to. But, first they will need to own the problem, admit the problem, and promise to do a better job at monitoring tweets especially those that went directly to @riovegas and attempted to address those problem in the open.

They can start buy touching on all those points in a blog post on their http://lasvegasblog.harrahs.com/category/las-vegas-casinos/caesars-palace/ blog and simply confirm to us that they will try to do better.

As for me
If the conference was held again at the Rio. I will go and will stay at the Rio but I will prepare myself mentally that the friendliness and hospitality I have come to expect from other Hotels wont be there and I need to try and book my flight closer to check-in time to avoid a fee or waste time walking around hours just to check-in.

If you are podcaster, netcaster, maker of video and audio content, or even a blogger and you missed the Keynote from Leo Laporte here it is.

For many of us in my generation he is the reason we got into tech and the reason we started doing podcasting or how he would say “Shows for Online Distribution“.

So enjoy his Keynote and if you are going next year. Let me know!

Day 1 of New Media Expo 2013

I started my 6th day of the year heading to Vegas on South West Airlines. While some of my friends assume it was just a typical Vegas trip full of drinks and me yelling “Let it Ride!” it isn’t. I am attending the New Media Expo something that have done for many years. But, this time I am staying at the Hotel where it is being held at. So, I am enjoying the convenience of it.


I have been attending the New Media Expo since the first one back when it was called Podcast Expo and Blogworld was it’s own thing. I have seen it moved into Blogworld, out or blog world, change to New Media Blog Expo, dropped the Blog and I will probably attend it when changes to Social New Media Blogging Expo ( Well I have no information that a name change is even consider so please don’t take it as fact or even as a rumor because is not.)

I mention the name change to point out how much it has evolved and will continue to evolve because those who attend this expo already know that this is an ever changing thing and we are inventing the rules as we go along.

This is an interesting field that changes and new things cause it to evolve. I have seen it evolve from people writing rants, to expressing their experiencing with words, to expression through pictures, to putting their pain on Videos, to releasing audio conversations amongst friends, to moving beyond MySpace, to engaging people, making your part time content creation into a full time job that pays the bills, to creating a network to make others make a living of their content, to new businesses using this new field to help, promote, and build up their business, to seeing large corporation figuring out how to use this ever evolving field to expand their brand, to a whole new B2B industry with pending patents that tracks the ROI of engaging people on their terms.

It’s an ever evolving thing and this year my very own journey of attending has evolved.

This expo was just a way to hang out with friends that I have met through their blogs, their videos, or their social site. Now, it appears is more business oriented as we have all evolved from things that we did part time into having a personal brand and making it possible to pay our bills.

Here is a simple example of the people in this space who have evolved as this industry continues to evolve.

You have @leolaporte who will be keynoting tomorrow / today / yesterday (depending on when you are reading this) someone who took his passion and ran with it and created Twit when he was laid off when we lost TechTV and @sarahaustin who appeared on a Bravo reality show (for better or for worse).

The Panel I enjoyed
The first day of this Expo had some great panels. Although, Zadi did not appear for the content panel of “Indie vs Studio..” (not sure if they added her name in error or she was not able to make it) seeing Kent was great. If you don’t know who Kent is or “Ask a Ninja“. You must visit http://www.youtube.com/user/digitalfilmmaker and watch all the Ask the Ninja episodes and then watch them again. – GO!

The panel was great because I got to also hear some great insight from Tim Street who brought us “French Maid TV” and Rob Barnett who brought us “My Damn Channel“.

Not all panels are created equal
Other panels had some major flaws where the information being offered or shared was disappointing while other panels were failures before they even started.

So, I am happy that the new connections I made today reminded me why I come to this expo every year. This expo is full of #awesome people creating #awesome content.

Plus, the party that is always put together is great and we can never go wrong with free drinks 🙂

I suspect even with some of the failures I experienced today. It is only uphill from here.

DMS-onLocation with Colin Devroe

So, I made my way to New Media Expo saturday morning. Not, build business relationships with companies offering to make my podcast better and more marketable. I went to try and get my viddler shirt.

Not even making a video with Colin Devroe the Technology Evangelist of Viddler.com upped my chances.

So, back home in Los Angeles and still no Viddler Shirt. Maybe next year I will part of the Team Viddler and finally get a shirt. But, boy what an awesome trip.