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DeAndre Jordan stays home!

For the few of you that follow me you know that my daughter and I are the Clipper fans in a house well a to be honest a city full of Laker fans.

So, last night I am sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a quiet evening going over my Timemachine blue prints. When I hear the cries of my daughter running downstairs from her room. At first I was alarm thinking there was danger but as she made her way to the kitchen table I come to realize her cries where actually cheers.

So it turns out she had been following the whole DeAndre Jordan drama unfold all day long through ESPN and some Emoji battles. So, she was ecstatic when it became official that DeAndre Jordan will be back as a Clipper.

Although, she is still sadden by the fact that Matt Barnes was traded she has this weird hope that somehow he gets waived by the Hornets and manages to come back as a Clipper.

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You can read more about the whole situation over at Yahoo! Sports.

If you are Mavs far or part of the organization I can truly understand your frustration if the stories are true that DeAndre never returned your calls. I understand my view seems bias since I am a Clipper fan.

Marc Cuban as a business man should definitely understand that nothing is valid until the contract is signed. My parents raised me to not count my chickens before the they are hatched. But, I was also raised that your word should have value. So, I do understand the argument the Mavs or everyone else is talking about.

At the end of the day. Isn’t this what the Free Agent things is all about. To tell your team you are not happy and be allowed to talk to other teams and see that they have to offer and then on July 9th signed a contract. At the end I think the system worked and it allowed DeAndre Jordan to get what he wanted and have the Clippers officially understand what they need to address to ensure DeAndre feels happy. I don’t think a verbal commitment should ever have any weight during the 8 days that a free agent looking at his options. But, then again you should never verbally commit to anything.

If the NBA Commisioner addresses this issue. I truly hope they just add once condition.

“During the NBA Free Agent Moratorium Period. A player can not verbally agree to any commitment and teams are not consider any verbal agreements. Both parties can talk about compensation and player options but teams can formally present their offerings in a form of a contract prior to the official date the player must agree on and signed a contract. ”

That way all the teams can wine and dine a player, give him all the contracts, and then today the player can sit down and signed the contract they feel works best for them and their family.

Just my 2 cents 🙂