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Why are you a POS guy?

Homer is upset and eUNKNOWN returns with a rant!

With the recent changes in both my career and personal life. I started to make plans for my return to blogging. I eliminated many of my blogs and combined the remaining ones into a single site. I set a date and selected my topics and began to count down to my return.

Within the last few weeks I started to wonder what content will be in my first post back.

Would it be an awesome new leaked picture of a new Gadget? – No
Would it be the retirement of someone who has changed the world? – No
Would it be my own discovery in the final component that allows for time travel? – No
Would it be the firing of a CEO or the fact a CEO would cash out and retire? – No

The post that marks my return is a Rant and it feels like it was meant to be.

Ten years ago my blog eUNKNOWN Rants entertained readers and it allowed me to express my anger towards the things that called for a blog post. Just around the same time I open my very first UPS Store Mail Box. I needed a place to receive correspondence from readers and someone to sign for my UPS / FedEX deliveries.

The UPS Store #4036 was a perfect match. I was one of the first customers and it allowed me to pick a Mailbox Number that had special meaning to me. Is not very often that I can say that I have been with the same company from the day they started to the day they ended.

Sadly, thanks to The San Fernando UPS Store #4036. I am able to say that now.

You may be wondering where is my rant?

Well I am looking at you Mr. so called Mayor of San Fernando. Mario F. Hernandez sits as the current Mayor of San Fernando and used his UPS Store as one of the reasons why he could relate with local businesses and residents. With his so called business experience he convince people he would be an ideal mayor.

His own bio page states the following:

His customers entrust him with the care of their property and he strive to maintain the highest level of accountability and responsibility.

As much as I dislike the guy with his poor customers service I did entrust him with my mail. This relationship worked for many years.

All that came to a sudden stop when I went to get my mail on August 31st. I was welcomed with a sign on door that read that they were evicted.

San Fernando UPS Store Closed for good.

That was it. No special instructions on where I can go get my mail. Not even a suggestion to visit the Post Office to have my mail held while I get situated with a new address.

It sucks to hear when a business has to close. But, a business owner always knows in advance when a financial problem is developing. While getting evicted sucks. That notice tells me that Mario (The POS Person that I will now refer to him as) knew at least a few months in advance that he might have to close his doors. He probably spent a few months trying to negotiate something with the landlord. (Assuming that he cared enough about it)

But the core of what is making me write this post. Is the fact that he allowed people to pay 6 to 12 months in advance without informing them that he was in financial trouble. That to me was a POS thing to do.

He took our money knowing that he might not be able to open his doors on September 1st. He even failed to leave a note on the door with some important information that would have made us (The customers) remain calm and keep us from going into panic mode.

I would have suggested the following notice.

– Sorry, I ran this place to the ground but please remain calm and do the following.
1 – Please visit the Sylmar Foothill Post Office located at 13700 FOOTHILL BLVD SYLMAR, CA 91342-9998 (because as silly as it sounds the San Fernando Post Office does not deliver mail to most of the city of San Fernando.
2 – Asked the Post office for your mail (It seems that the UPS Store took some of your mail to them.
3 – Set up a P.O. Box / Ask the Post Office to hold your mail / Have the Post Office forward your mail to your new UPS Store box.

The fact that he took my money for the unused months that I prepaid for is not the reason why I now call him a POS person. Is the fact that as small business owner you should have been more considerate about your customers.

Even the people at the UPS Store Headquarters seemed upset because they could have try to make the transitions easier for everyone involved. After speaking with someone at the corporate office it appears they learned about the closure on 9/7/2011. They mention that if they would have been advised of the financial problem they would have tried to help UPS Mailbox renters move to another UPS Store. I open a new Mailbox at a different UPS Store and even they were shocked by the fact that the POS gave us no warning that they gave me some additional free months.

The UPS Store is a Franchise. So, if you are owed any money you will have seek that money from the POS him self. You might want to e-mail him first at MHernandez@sfcity.org and you might want to CC: info@ci.san-fernando.ca.us just in case he did not get the e-mail asking him how you can get your money back. Since he serves as our Mayor you can call 818-898-1201 (San Fernando City Hall) and leave a message for him to call you back. (I have left two messages and I have not received a call back) If you want to catch him while he is working. Maybe you can visit him during a council meeting. They are held the first and third Mondays of each month at 6 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.

At the publishing of this article I have not received any calls, e-mails or even post card from Mario. Although I will call him a POS. I respectfully would have a discussion with him and give him the platform where he can address his customers. I would even go as far as having him as one of my first DMS-onLocation video interviews of the new season. So, if your reading this and are shy about talking to me. Have your people call my people. I feel we deserved more then just an eviction notice.

If you were a customer and you have not visited the post office. I urge you that you do that as soon as possible. The postal service will start returning the mail back to senders soon.

For those that paid attention and are now asking why I wrote it was meant to be.

The chapter of my life that I have closed. Started with the opening of the San Fernando Mailbox. Now that chapter is closed and I am staring a new one with the re-launch of my blog and my Stealth Consulting Company. It almost feels right that I start my new chapter at a new mailbox with a new box # that now has another special meaning.

For those of you that remember my old tag line. – This is my Rant, My Site, and My life. Deal with it! – I thank you for sticking around. It’s been years since I posted an eUNKNOWN rants and I have notice that many of the bitter and angry words that use to fill my rants are missing from this one. I am curious. Do you really miss those words?

UPDATE: on 9.29
I thought the POS Mayor owned the UPS Store. But, it appears that a company by the name of HOB’s Deli Inc. is the debtor. Why do I say that? Well I received a notice from the United States Bankruptcy Court informing me that I am listed as someone this business owes money too. The address and description listed seem to the be UPS Store in San Fernando.

House of Brews San Fernando

But, can the HOB’s Deli Inc. listed be the same business known as the House of Brews? Every time I call the House of Brews and ask. I am put on hold or told to call back later to talk to the manager.

The notice gives you 15 days to go and request a hearing to request the courts to require them to pay what they owe you. It was filed on 9/15. I received it today the 29th so it appears tomorrow will be the last day to go to the court and informed them that you would like a hearing.

The address is in Woodland Hills. You must see the Clerk of Bankruptcy and request a hearing. The address is 21041 Burbank Boulevard, Woodland Hills, California 91367 (It is located in an office building. Just in case you go looking for something that resembles the San Fernando Court house)

Some of you have contacted me earlier. If you have not receive the notice you might eventually since it was sent to our old Mailbox addresses. Lucky for me I was able to put the forward quickly. Just go to the court house and informed the clerk that you are owe money. The Case number is 1:11-BK-20093-AA

For those wondering. I have not heard back from the so called Mayor. I wonder if he would call me back if I mention I am interested in donating money to his campaign?