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The update and the change ahead

I sat here typing this post over, over, and over again. This post started and ended in so many different ways only to have me delete it.

Why has it been so difficult?

I think one of the biggest reasons was my failed attempts to write a single post about everything that I have learned and realized about my self, my soul, and the direction of this site in the last few months.

I finally realized that it will just be best to do what I’ve learned and write about it in segments as I am move forward.

So what is next for DaveMora.com?

I really thought that by the time BlogWorld Expo started here in Los Angeles. I would be joining my blogger / vlogger friends as a fellow full time blogger. But, that wont be the case because my original plans of re-launching all my blogs no longer felt like the right decision. I stopped writing regularly years ago and during the last few months as I began to write posts I felt out of touch with them. I have evolved as a person over the last few years and my blogs did not evolve with me. So, I decided to re-launch DaveMora.com as the single place for all my blog posts with topics that reflect who I am right now.

Letting many of my domains expire and removing most of my blogs was the first step forward on my new journey.

If you really miss the old posts please feel free to search for them as I am leaving them archived.

What about all the old podcasts?

Sadly, I lost many of them between hardware and provider failures. But, many of my guest podcast appearances can still be found on the podcast that I was a guest on.

I decided to only keep and continue my DMS-OnLocation video vlog series. But, feel to google for my old video vlogs they can be found all over the place.

So what is next?

I want to do so many things that would take me in so many different directions. I want to go back to school, get fit, finish my time machine, travel back in time, start writing my biography, start a non-profit, write short stories, start up my vlogs, re-connect with friends, master programming, spend time with family and my kids, run a marathon, cycle 100+ miles, travel the world with the family, learn how to shoot (to be ready for the Zombie Attacks), and finally become more internet famous. The list actually continues for many pages.

But, I can’t do all of that since I discovered a day only has 24 hours.

Do what makes you happy.. Don’t think just do

“Do what makes you happy” and “Don’t think just do” are two terms that my wife suggested when I told her about my anguish on wanting to so many different things at once. I am not sure why but the moment I heard those words I realized what I wanted to do, needed to do, and how to go about it. I looked at my long list of wants but this time my list seemed shorter and sections seemed highlighted.

Do what makes you happy – Besides spending time with my kids, wife, and family. One of the things that made me happy growing up was having an active lifestyle. As a kid my bike was my freedom, the mountain trails were my sanctuary, and the basketball court was my social network. The last decade I became a victim of my job (I will write more about that in later posts). My work required me to be stagnant and it allowed me to revert back to an unhealthy life style.

I entered the never ending circle of unhealthiness. I was sadden about all the weight I gained and to make me feel better I ate more ice cream. Unless you lived through that cycle. I feel is something you might not understand. I wont dare to talk about it in detail since health is topic that has millions of blogs and it’s own industry. I will just speak about what applies to me.

Don’t think just do – So, I wont think about it. I will just go out and be active, eat healthy, and feel good about my self.

I recently discovered Drew Manning. (@fit2fat2fit) If you have not read about Drew. He is a fitness trainer that spent that last six months eating unhealthy and not working out. 60+ pounds later he is starting his journey to become fit once again. You can follow his journey at http://www.fit2fat2fit.com/blog/.

I find it interesting that my journey to a healthier Dave began at the same time as I discovered Drew Mannings’s journey to a healthier Drew and the one and final domain that is set to expire this month was “Blogofagordo.com“. So, with out thinking I decided to write about my own journey to a healthier Dave and call that section “Blog of a Gordo“. I decided the fist achievement from my long list of things I want. Should be a happier and healthier Dave.

Dave Mora is Blog of a Gordo

Honesty starts from the heart and from within.

I have always been honest in my views towards things, people, and I’ve been known to where my emotions on my sleeves.

But, I have never written about my own internal struggles and obstacles that I have overcome or are currently trying to tackle.

So, as I move forward with my first item in my to do list. I will be writing from the heart about my own struggles to a healthier Dave through “Blog of a Gordo“.

So I welcome all my readers back and for the new ones that just discover this silly blog. Well, I welcome you too. You can follow me at @davemora and on Google+ here.