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Happy Holidays and the end of 2011

Prior to this year. The end of the year was always awkward for me.

As a kid I remember the holidays as a big gathering with friends and family members. The memories I cherish are those of trying to stay up late with the adults only to fall asleep on the couch, under the table, or in the closet while playing “hide and seek”.

When I turned 18 I moved away. Unlike many of my friends who moved away for college and still got to go back home to enjoy the holidays with their family. I moved away and started my independent life. I spent that last decade working jobs that had little consideration for family time.

So, even on holidays I spent them working.

The years went by and the holidays I remember, a house full of family, kids, laughter, remembering those who are no longer with us, and talking about the good old days were long gone for me.

I end 2011 ahead of schedule.

Last year I wanted to move towards a job that would allow me to take time off with the family. I had planned to make that move next year. But, for the first time it feels that a lot of things are falling in the right place at the same time.

I end 2011 extremely happy.

I left my job (Well more like the job left me. Due to a settlement I won’t be able to say more. But, I will say. Dave Mora +110,000 – Evil Empire 0) and found a perfect job that fits my lifestyle.

I am ending this year and starting the next year closer to my family (The family that wants me closer – that is.), The perfect job that allows me to spend more time with my kids, wife, and I now have the free time to start work on my projects from helping people with technology to this silly blog.

Today, the last day of 2011, I am doing a lot of reflecting and looking forward.

Family, Humbled, Grateful, and Super Duper Happy seems to be the topics that I have been reflecting on the most. I have missed out a lot with my kids. Only a few truly understand the strained that a demanding job put on my kids. I left my house early in the morning and they were asleep. I came home and they were asleep. They truly saw me only on my days off. Some months I had 1 day off a week. I had that type of schedule for almost 5 years. Over the years I started to understand the phrase. “Don’t be a prisoner of your wage!”. The last 6 months I have spent almost every waking moment with my kids and as a parent that has been the best part of 2011.

Having the job that fits my lifestyle comes at a major cost.

I now make 60 percent less. But, being dept free has made it possible to embrace my job. (Maybe one day I will go into more details of the true struggles of being what people have described as underemployed) But, without my current job many of the things that I will be doing in 2012 would not be possible.

Making less money has humbled me, my family, and even those around me. Now every cent is budgeted and I spend a lot of time trying to justify a purchase of a video game. Even my kids have started to understand that although we have less their are those in our community that have nothing.

I am grateful that I can still provide to my family, I am grateful that I can spend another day with my family, and I am grateful every morning when I wake up to see my kids another day.

So, on this final day of 2011. I am ending it Super Duper Happy.

What am I thinking about for the 2012?

Assuming if the world does not end on December 21, 2012 I am truly looking forward to the holiday season for 2012. Even if I have to work, the fact that I can work from home and the workload is extremely light compare to my previous positions, I can have family and friends over and stay up with them while working. I am really looking forward to drinking eggnog, spending time with friends and family, while I am working.

Prior to this year. I always ended the year with the same list of things I wanted to accomplish. I always listed

“A job that works around my schedule and life style. Start the journey for a Healthier Dave. Spend more time with my kids and wife. Travel more outside of California with the family. Work on my projects and pay off all my bills.”

This year I get to change that list around. Because I have completed many of them and have started work on the rest.

2012 is less about a list of items that I will try to check off. But, it will be more about actions. I will give thanks, teach my kids the act of helping through local charity work (such as helping out in food banks) through out the year, and truly embrace the idea of “Don’t think it. Just do it” (yes, I think it was inspired by Nike)