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Don’t get tagged on Twitter when people post a picture of you.

One of the features I do not care about so much on Facebook is the ability of users tagging you on pictures. The reason I do not enjoy that feature is the way it is misused.

People tag you when you are not in the picture, or when they post pictures of your kids (That’s another issue I have), or when they want to promote something and tag you on a flyer. That is the reason I do not allow people to Tag me on pictures on Facebook.

Well, it seems Twitter will be adding the ability to tag people on pictures too.

I guess they saw the great success Facebook has had with Hastags. (I am being sarcastic because I don’t think Hashtags on Facebook has been successful at all.)

But, that is not going to stop Twitter from taking a Facebook like feature and adding it the Twitter platform.

If you are like me and would prefer to prevent people from tagging you on pictures. I am glad Twitter has thought ahead and included a setting in your privacy settings to prevent them from doing that.

Dave Mora shows you how to prevent people from tagging you on Twitter

Thanks for nothing Twitter

I have been online long enough where I have come to a point that I have online friendships that now span over 5 years.

In because of that reason. I have online friends who have passed away but have left behind their online presense. I am not talking about the memorial pages people put up to remember them. I am talking about their actual online presence where I communicated with them.

A while back Facebook use to try and suggest that you talk some of your friends if you notice they had little to no activity. I am not sure when that change or is done property now for me not to notice. But, the problem I had then with Facebook is something I now have with Twitter.

The problem was that they started to suggest you to interact with someone that was physically no longer with us.

So, now it appears Twitter is trying to have you chat with those who you follow / follow you with that haven’t logged in a while.

Yup, you guess the problem with that.

If you haven’t – Well the problem is twitter is telling me to send a message to people who have passed away.

Dave Mora will never forget @martinboz

@martinboz was a person I met online and got to meet in person a few times since he lived in my community. His death came sudden that it made me rethink my own situation. I can easily say he was one of the main reasons I began to look for a way out of my current employer situation so that I could spend more time with my family. The idea of dying overnight and my kids only having memories of me going to work or coming home from work started to scare me more then death it self.

That is what @marinboz’s online friendship means to me and now and Twitter is reminding me of him and others who are no longer active on Twitter because they are gone.

Buying twitter followers is lame.

Checking how many friends, twitter followers, or even likes you get is not a new sensation. Prior to that we checked how many hits our website received or how many people signed our guestbook pages. Prior to that when we where back in high school we checked to see how many people we could call friends and would come to our birthday parties.

The need of validating your self by the count of twitter followers, facebook likes, or even so called friends is human nature.

But, many of us don’t value who we are by the number of friends or followers we have. I for one never follow someone simply because they follow me or friend those who friend me that I have never met in real life.

When it comes to my online presence I practice what I practice offline.

Quality of friends over the quantity of friends.

If you made it to my Facebook friends section. That means I am willing to answer a call from you at 3 AM and come help you if you need my help.

So why the background story?
Well I enjoy writing so you got stuck with me writing the background story on what I feel towards the so called twitter and facebook counts.

I recently came across an article written by Amber Mac – BUYING TWITTER FOLLOWERS? BEWARE STATUSPEOPLE, THE SERVICE THAT EXPOSES SOCIAL MEDIA’S BLACK MARKET it talks about the uses of black market services to buy followers and it mention a really nifty tool called Fake Follower Checker by StatusPeople.

So I did what we all do. Just like we all Google our name. I entered my name to see how I will be ranked.

Since I have never cared about the number of followers I would check my followers from time to time and report the ones I considered where bots. The ones with 0 followers or the ones that send out the same spammy tweet with a link to a “Make money scheme”.

I took joy in reporting them with the feeling that I am doing my part and maybe helping the Twitter system in closing such accounts.

(Assuming twitter pro-actively is aggregating all the data and closing the accounts that get reported)

My twitter account has been hovering at 1,500 followers for a while. It goes up and then it goes down. It usually goes down when I report and block those followers who I think are not real twitter users.

So, I was glad to see the Status People app ranked meat only 3 percent fake.

Dave Mora's twitter count before the Twitter Bomb

So, the next thing was to look up people who I always questioned their twitter follower count.

I did and to no surprise they ranked in the 80 to 99 percent of having fake followers.

The so called “fakers” and I had in the past had public discussion about the “Quality vs Quantaty” ideologies. They feel it is better to have more eyeballs then quality eyeballs.

But, what they fell to see is that a follower is not really an eyeball to your tweet. Twitter followers is not the same as viewers. A view actially means someone has seen your content. A follower means he will see your tweet if you happen to tweet the moment he is looking at the screen.

This is an argument that neither of us would ever see each others view. So we always agree to disagree.

So, me being me. I sent them a message with the link to their scores

“See your users are 80 percent fake. You still think quantity is better then quality?”.

Some of them understood my humor. While others took offense and appeared to have gotten angry. One went as far a making his account private and blocking me.

So, why am I writing this?

Well I started to notice that I was not getting some of my @replies when using the twitter website and seemed that the Twitter Interaction section (the section that shows you your @mentions and the people who followed you) was not loading. But, clicking just mentions was able to show me all my messages.

This was a weird issue. I went along my day and I left it loading in the background and when I came back I notice a long list of new followers.

I told my self.

“This is odd. I have not made any special TV appearance or participated in the Olypics. I wasn’t even featured in the new issue of Wired Magazine.

Then I really said to my self.

What the “Chingadera” is this? How the heck do I have 11,700 followers?

I was taken back by the amount of followers I now had.

Dave Mora gets 11,000 Twitter followers out of the blue.

Then I get an e-mail with the subject. I think your quality just went to crap!.

I had to look over my shoulder because the timing was great. I got the e-mail as I had just discovered the crap load of followers.

So, I confirmed what the the e-mail implied. The first few pages new followers met the criteria of fake twitter followers. All of them with 0 tweets and 0 followers.

Many people would be happy to have 3k, 5, or 10k followers. But, followers mean nothing and in this case. I got about 10k of useless followers.

I don’t make my living on my blogs, podcast, or even my content. The irony is that I help others make that transition. I am not trying to become a community manager and try to use my following count as proof on how good I am.

So, while this action by one of the so called Social Media Gurus I must off angered could have been devastating to someone who uses their twitter follower list as a way to secure a job. I welcome this as a badge of honor.

Just like the writer @nero, who in retaliation of outing another so called Social Media Guru started getting fake followers as in retaliation. Infact what happen to @nero inspired the Fake Follower Check tool.

Dave Mora is real but a Faker Prank has made him a Faker!

So, I will wear the 100% Faker badger with honor. I guess now have to wait for a “Report / Block Fake Follower Tool” to be developed because to manually block the fake followers will take forever.

Mi Guate ?

Dave Mora is Chapin

Yo soy Chapin! Although I have lived in the United States since the young age of 3. I still miss my home country of Guatemala. Sadly, when I do visit my home country I feel more like a tourist then someone who is going back home.

I always attempted to stay in touch with my family and try to create new friendships with the people in Guatemala. All my attempts over the last 10 years have ended failed.

That was until Twitter came into the picture. Twitter is the first Social Network that has allowed me to develop friendships with not only the people in Guatemala but also my fellow geeks.

I learned about BarCampGT and Exponet via twitter. Although I missed them this year I hope next year I can fit them into my schedule.

I began to have dialogs with many geeks in Guatemala and learning about their development ventures. I began to get the feeling that it was only a matter of time before people outside the inner circle will also take notice.

Growing up I always felt that Guatemala will one day have the spotlight either by having a Nobel Peace Price winner in Science, develop something that resembles NASA, become a powerhouse in the Soccer world, or even become the only Latin America country to encourage and develop the next phase of Computer and Web Development.

I never thought corruption and the arrest of a fellow twitter user would put my little home country in the spotlight.

I am not going to try and explain everything in detail. Because I don’t know everything. I just know the little bits of information I have and what people have voiced via twitter using the hash tag #escandalogt .

So, I will simply do what I do best. Talk about what I have experienced.

As a latino. I grew up accepting that Latin America countries are all corrupt. It was not treated as a theory, an idea, or even a rumor. I grew up knowing it as a fact. Regardless if that fact was the truth or not. So, stories of corrupt judges, companies, or police officers were just the cost of living in a Latin American country.

But, as I got older and began to travel into my little home county. I began to notice a few things. It had its issues. But, it also had an awesome good side. I started to see that people make more with less. It has an awesome little Ubuntu group, OpenSource advocates, and yes even Apple Fanboys.

I am feeding off the energy the country has been kind enough to share with me.

I was introduced to the whole Guatemala issue by this video.

I began almost like a spy movie. “If you watching this. It means I am dead”. Mr. Rosenberg was gun down in his community and shortly after his death this video was release.

He accuses not only the government but the President for his death. ( You can read more details here )

The corruption was linked the financial industry and that was the second major scandal that happen in my poor country.

A Twitter user was arrested for suggesting that we should take our money out of the banks.

A lot of people have forgotten about the laws that prevent you from causing panic and undermining financial institutions that were pass after the US Wall Street crashed many years ago.

Many countries outside the US have similar laws in place to prevent a wide panic of people taking out their money from the bank.

I have had lengthy discussion with many people both in the US and Guatemala arguing if he should have been arrested or not. Now, in my opinion I think his actions were valid concern and anger but he was not planning to cause panic or undermine the financial stability of the county. I think he fell into one of those “Technical” things. But, to do an arrest during the major scandal is just bad PR.

But, I am happy to report he is back home.

Many people took to demostrate to he street in a peaceful manner. ( http://www.boingboing.net )

I just hope my little home country can get over this issue and go back and allow the local geeks work on their projects with out negative PR or actual wrong doing.

I hope in the next few years my little country does become known for something positive.

Public Welcome Message Vs. DM

I rarely do updates on posts or even issues. But, I guess their is always a first time for everything. So, what is the update?

Well I am happy to announce one more step taken to reduce how I annoy you! πŸ™‚

So, no longer will I flood your time line with “Welcome to my party .. ” tweets. But, for those people that enjoy them. Don’t worry I will not go to the way of DM’s.

Everyone I spoke with always suggested me to use SocialToo to auto message new followers. Now, as much as I do enjoy some of the SocialToo services. Auto DM’s will not serve me well.

I manually sent out a “Welcome to my Following Party” message after making sure they are not spammers. I check out every new followers timeline and their blog if they have one.


Well someone took the time to check me out and even found me interesting enough to follow me. The idea of missing out on a new connection is too much for my OCD to handle.

Okay, so why not just sent them a DM ? Well like I mention before some people who follow me have found some good twitter people to follow by reading my “Welcome to my party Message”.

So, for those that want to continue to receive tweets on new people that follow me you can now follow @dmShouts.

I will use @dmShouts to only send out my “Welcome to …” Messages.

Heck you don’t even have to follow that account you can just check it weekly at http://twitter.com/dmshouts .

Hope that works out for everyone.

end of update enjoy the original post.

Dave Mora on Twitter

I have embrace Twitter like the rest of the Internet. Twitter is to me what I make of it.

If I choose to use it similar to an RSS and send out Alerts / Annoucements. I can.

If I choose to use it to extend my txt messaging with family and friends. I can do that by getting them to join twiter.

If I decide only follow / friend people I really know. I can do that.

If I decide follow everyone on twitter. I can do that too.

That is the main reason I enjoy Twitter. The way to use twitter is the way I want to use twitter.

So, that brings me to the whole reason for this post. The people that follow me notice one thing from me. Along with my tweets about nothing, my links to something, and my RT (retweets) about anything that I find interesting.

Twitter allows me to connect to people I find enteresting and has allowed me to discovered not only new events but also new people that share my interest and at times my passion. I have discovered Local people that create content and for the record. They create better content then me and I love them for that.

As people Follow me I go through the list. I take the time to check everyone one that follows me, check out their tweets, check out their sites, and block the SEO / Multiple Level Marketing spammers.

So, everyone that finds me interesting enough to follow me I decide to send out a public message to them like.

Welcome to my “Following” party. [ A message to them regarding their tweet, their site, or their way of life ]

I usually go through my new follower list once a day. So sometimes I send out 3 to 10 public messages seconds from eatch other.

It was no suprise that some people can get tired of the “Following Messages”

Here is the lates public messaged sent to me. By, one of my followers. @ChrisAldrich (Thank you for following BTW)

Dave Mora gets told to stop bugging

Now, I could be that jerk and tell my followers. “It is what it is and if you don’t like it don’t follow me”. But, that is never nice. Who knows maybe when I have 10,000 followers I will start saying that.

The reason I don’t do the automatic DM thing through 3rd party sites is because that will also send a DM to bots / spammers that I will end up blocking. Plus, I enjoy checking out all my new followers and sending them a message that is about them.

Since I always worry about the small things. I worry about the miss connections if I do not do that.

For example. What if one of my followers like @igenexis read when I sent out “@elernesto Welcome to my “Following” party….” and decided to check him out. By checking it out he found @alasmedia that lead him to the local bi-weekly podcast of http://www.alasmedia.net/wingbeat.htm that is all about our local community.

Or what if @elernesto discovered me by @igenexis responding to my public welcome message that then had me discovered @alasmedia and then I was asked to appear in one of their future projects ?

Is that too much? Is my fear of lost connections valid? or am I just allowing my OCD get the best of me. ?

I would really like to hear that you think.

So please leave a message, comment, or even a video comment.

If you wan to spread the conversation please feel free to ReTweet this.

Example on what to ReTweet:

RT: { @davemora: A publick Welcome Message Vs. Direct Message. Join the chatter and voice your pref . http://snurl.com/byx6f }

To get more followers you must …..

Twitter is plain and simple but yet here we are talking about it and wanting to be part of it. Everyone has a 10 things you must know or do when you join Twitter.

But, the truth is that Twitter is what you make of it.

If you want to be a spammer and follow the world. You can do that.
If you want to follow back everyone that follows you. You can do that.
If you want to make it private and only follow people you really know. You can do that.
If you wan to use it as a Instant Messenger. You can do that.

You can do what ever you want.

But, no matter how you use it. You are always thinking about that follower number. I don’t care who you are. You always look at that the following number.

And now I go the secret on how to get followers.

I learned this technique from the awesome from singer Katy Perry ( You can listen to her song at http://blip.fm/~23ruu )

Dave Mora loves Kerry

The super secret is not to follow everyone, is not to update every 20 seconds, is not to reply to people you know, or put your 2 cents to someone’s post that you are following.

The trick is to do nothing and forget about your twitter account.

Here is my super technique put to action.

Karry Love Dave mora

So, now that you have the super duper secret. Please don’t forget to follow me at (@davemora)

O and if you wan to kiss a girl. Check out http://lookingforlove.eventbrite.com/

Leave a comment if you think this entry sucks! πŸ™‚

When you ask to share some of that twitter wealth

If you are like me Twitter has become the primary platform of communication.

Someone asked me to describe Twitter and the only thing that came to my mind was to say. Is like Myspace but with out the Myspace. Somehow that made sense not only to me but also to the person I told.

But, what I like most about Twitter is the ability to create new connections with people all around the world. I still enjoy the connections eventough those connections may only live on Twitter.

One of the best way to establish new connections is to expand your following pool. I am expand my connections a few people a month. But, if your someone like @kevinrose , @leolaporte, or @scobleizer that number expands in the hundreads.

So, I asked for some followers.

Okay I am begging for new followers.

Dave Mora asks for More Twitter Followers

So, before you ask one of them to spread the love, the wealth, or send some followers your way.

You might want to have a plan on how you can return the favor. The favor of someone with 20,000 followers sending new connections to your little blog on the interweb.

Dave Mora asks for More Twitter Followers

So, how can I return the favor. Well since I joined the #unemployed band wagon I will not be able to offer gifts or a prizes. I am not famous enough to offer my autograpgh.

But, what I do have is time. So everyone who follows me will get my dedication in annoying them with meaningless @reply messages and a DM from time to time.

So, if your game? How about following me at @davemora or better yet leave a video comment telling me why your following me and why others should follow you.

Digg Dialog with Al Gore

I never thought that a political figure would affect me after their run in politics. But, after months I enjoy Current_ I come find out it was start by Al Gore. The same guy that invented the Internet.

Well he did not invent the internet but he sure got me enjoying Current_

So Kevin Rose of Digg.com fame sat down with Al Gore and answered some viewer submited questions.

You can follow them both on Twitter now @kevinrose and @al_gore

So enjoy the video below. Remember you can also follow me on @davemora

Microbloging Standards

Microbloging standards do we need them? Well, I say we do. But, not because their is a technical need or even a fundamental demand for it.

It is a lot simpler then that.

I am selfish (lol)

twitter, dodgeball, pownce, jaiku

I really don’t like the use of @ in twitter when sending a user a message. To me the @ symbol means “at”.

Some examples are:

“See you @ 7PM to catch the flick”
“I am @ Coco’s eating a Salad”.
“Sending via UPS @ 911 Emergency Lane, San Fernando, California 90210”.

Twitter has become the platform of choice by many of us. Also, to platform that other microbloging systems are compared to and even designed to clone.

So what does that mean to me? With clones poping up. I am really going to hate to see the @ symbol become the accepted command to message someone with in the the system.

So, what is a selfish “Gordo” to do?

Well with your help we can ask for the following MBStandars Policy Alph 0.01 to be followed below are my ideas.


To Send a message to another user we should use ~davemora
Example: ” ~davemora why are you such a looser? ”

To send a private message to another user we should use pm~davemora
Example: “pm~davemora hey did you really hit the car?”

To send a group message to a group #dms-crew
Example: “#dms-crew meeting location moved from Venice beach back to Santa Monica

Commenting / Reply to a post.
Every post should have an ID attached to it. So, you can reply or post a response to it. Also, comment should not move the post up the timeline. It should be tracked / bookmarked those interested. From a device you should be able to reply to a post by entering
Example: “c#4344334 I think FF3 does need more work”

Location @ symbol used correctly.

The system should allowed location to have their own profile so you can track what is going on.
Example: “~davemora heading to @amc-burbank16 see you then”
Example: “Meeting some friends @Mr.Chow”

Followers / Fans / Friends:

Keep control by layers and groups. I want everyone to follow me but I do not want to follow the world. Sadly, people think the more followers / friends the more valuable you are. Is that silly mentality from High School when the popular kids thought they were cool because they knew a bunch of people. Allow me to interact with the group but still be able to share my kids pictures only to the inner circle of friends and family.

URL / Linking handling system.

The system must allow the ability to create short URL on the fly. The short URL can appear as [DKEDR4] . The user should be able to enter a full url like http://www.davemora.com/superlongURLthatno-onereally-cares-toread-and-seo-abusers-think-putting-more-words-will-make-their-content-better.php and have the system generate a short URL to appear like [DFX3S]. If the URL has already been created the same short URL can be used.
Example: “Posting new video entry at my block check it out [DFX3S] ”

Device Support.
Platform should support device allow 3rd party / web application access to the system through the use of a API. The ability to extend communication platform beyond the hosted site is a must.

RSS Support.
You must allow the ability to generate RSS feeds of the users profile, public messages, and group messages if the user desires it but not by default.

The platform must also allow the ability post RSS feeds as entries. For example post an entire when you upload a new picture to your flickr set, played a last.fm track, posted on another microbloging site, updates your own blog, and any other RSS feed you like.

Embedded objects:
Allow the ability to enter a URL to picture, audio track, video and display it sized accordingly.

SMS Support:
I would gladly pay a fee to allow people that text me directly into my Micro Blogging platform. We set rules where people I friended can text me directly, I can white list numbers so even if they are not part of my Micro Blogging platform I can still communicate with them through it.
Bottom line what does all this mean to us?
Honestly, nothing. It would just be nice for us to stop using @davemora because it annoys me a lot.

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant.

DMS-onLocation with Neha Tiwari

My apologize to everyone who has been waiting for this video patiently. I finally got around to edit and upload it.

Although I have master to make videos record from my Logitech Webcam. I am still working on bringing that quality with the FlipVideo. The actual .m4v looks so much better πŸ™

But, please enjoy it.

Check out other places the video lives Viddler Video / Viddler Group

After Pinkberry we stood around talking about random things. She quizzed me on what BFG is a reference to, allergies, and about taking risks to play video games at 2 AM. She did say “This if off the record”. But, she never said “This back on the record.”. So, I wonder if I will be allowed to talk about about [Censored] and how it was when [Censored] [more] [Censored] or even how [Censored] dealt with it.

Hmmm I guess in the future I will have to ask the person “So, are we back on the record?” .

But, I am happy to report she is now following me.

Neha Tiwari Follows the awesome DMS gordo Dave Mora

I wondering how long it will take for her to either Mute me or Unfollow me as a direct result to my Twitter Addiction.

On a side note. I really enjoy Viddler but for whatever reason my video looked better in Vimeo. If anyone has a good solution to make AVI movies that have been converted to MOV that then have been converted to M4V come out looking good in FLV please “Porfavor” let me know.

Thank you all in advance.