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No Gordo love from Gary Vaynerchuk?

For the very very few people that know me. We all know that I enjoy wearing black t-shirts. (The reason is simple. I have no fashion Sense)

Gary Vaynerchuck is one of the few Video Podcast I enjoy. For the people that do not know. Gary Vaynerchuck does a daily video podcast where he talks about Wine. So head over to WinelibraryTV and check him out. He is so entertaining to watch that I am hooked and I don’t even like wine.

So when I saw his swag section and notice a cool looking black t-shirt I would love. I had my credit card ready to purchase only to be told they have no XXXXXXXXXL size. Well I don’t need that many x’s but I do where something beyond XL.

So Gary if your Google Alerts sent you here and you happen to make a XXXL Lurker shirt let me know where I send the payment so I can get it.