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Thinking of Stacey Dash. Even if I don’t know her.

I always like how my mind works when it comes to memories and how it makes me think of something or someone. I enjoy how my brain flashes to a moment in my life and I am emotionally taken to that moment in life.

So recently, I have been thinking about Stacey Dash. But, before you label me a creep or some weirdo. My brain works by association. It means that I link events and moments in time to other things and moments in time. Yup, I over complicate things including my memories.

When I think of Stacey Dash I am thinking of the Kanye music video she was in.

The “All Falls Down – Featuring Syleena Johnson” is easily a song that any 2003-2004 playlist will have. This song was on many of my music playlist during that year and honestly it can easily be found on any of my music playlists now.

2001 to 2005 were years that I had to deal with many challenges in my life. Many walls that I had to figure out how to get around, over, and even through. Many lessons that I had to learn and multiple self discoveries. Those were also the years when I learned the bulk of my financial strategies.

“What you should not do .. and why you should always have a back up plan to your back up plan”.

So, when I am thinking of Stacey Dash I am actually thinking of those years and the emotional ups and downs I went through those years.

Those years had many downs and at many times I felt I was in a bottomless hole that I would never get out of. But, my parents instilled the idea that every time I fall. I must get up and try again.

So when I am thinking of the aches and pains of those years. I am able to appreciate the moments now. Thinking and going through those years in my mind keeps taking me back to the Kanye West song and then back to Stacey Dash. So, because I am enjoying where I am in life now. I have been thinking about those years frequently lately. So, the more I think of those years the more I have been thinking about Stacey Dash in the video as I replay that song in head.

Plus, how can I not want to think of someone with such great eyes. #justsaying