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2.20.2009 is my first inauguration that I care about

I am not sure if I care more about this inauguration because I really do care or because I am just older.

The First Capital Inauguration

The last few president elections I simply thought about one or the other but really felt that I am so far away from the president that his actions wont affect me.

But, now that I am older, with a family, with a home, with a new job (well is a new position back to my old employer that laid me off), debt and the feeling that all that is “America” is being shipped out.

I feel that the next president decisions will affect me. From, lowering my mortgage to bring back jobs to this county and my state.

Not sure if a younger president that embraces new ways of communicating to us is what this county needs but for the next 4 years a new way of looking our situation cant hurt us.

So for the first time I will be looking around for a TV to check out the inauguration.

If you have an iPhone look for the ustream.TV application that leads you stream video to the device.