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Microbloging Standards

Microbloging standards do we need them? Well, I say we do. But, not because their is a technical need or even a fundamental demand for it.

It is a lot simpler then that.

I am selfish (lol)

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I really don’t like the use of @ in twitter when sending a user a message. To me the @ symbol means “at”.

Some examples are:

“See you @ 7PM to catch the flick”
“I am @ Coco’s eating a Salad”.
“Sending via UPS @ 911 Emergency Lane, San Fernando, California 90210”.

Twitter has become the platform of choice by many of us. Also, to platform that other microbloging systems are compared to and even designed to clone.

So what does that mean to me? With clones poping up. I am really going to hate to see the @ symbol become the accepted command to message someone with in the the system.

So, what is a selfish “Gordo” to do?

Well with your help we can ask for the following MBStandars Policy Alph 0.01 to be followed below are my ideas.


To Send a message to another user we should use ~davemora
Example: ” ~davemora why are you such a looser? ”

To send a private message to another user we should use pm~davemora
Example: “pm~davemora hey did you really hit the car?”

To send a group message to a group #dms-crew
Example: “#dms-crew meeting location moved from Venice beach back to Santa Monica

Commenting / Reply to a post.
Every post should have an ID attached to it. So, you can reply or post a response to it. Also, comment should not move the post up the timeline. It should be tracked / bookmarked those interested. From a device you should be able to reply to a post by entering
Example: “c#4344334 I think FF3 does need more work”

Location @ symbol used correctly.

The system should allowed location to have their own profile so you can track what is going on.
Example: “~davemora heading to @amc-burbank16 see you then”
Example: “Meeting some friends @Mr.Chow”

Followers / Fans / Friends:

Keep control by layers and groups. I want everyone to follow me but I do not want to follow the world. Sadly, people think the more followers / friends the more valuable you are. Is that silly mentality from High School when the popular kids thought they were cool because they knew a bunch of people. Allow me to interact with the group but still be able to share my kids pictures only to the inner circle of friends and family.

URL / Linking handling system.

The system must allow the ability to create short URL on the fly. The short URL can appear as [DKEDR4] . The user should be able to enter a full url like http://www.davemora.com/superlongURLthatno-onereally-cares-toread-and-seo-abusers-think-putting-more-words-will-make-their-content-better.php and have the system generate a short URL to appear like [DFX3S]. If the URL has already been created the same short URL can be used.
Example: “Posting new video entry at my block check it out [DFX3S] ”

Device Support.
Platform should support device allow 3rd party / web application access to the system through the use of a API. The ability to extend communication platform beyond the hosted site is a must.

RSS Support.
You must allow the ability to generate RSS feeds of the users profile, public messages, and group messages if the user desires it but not by default.

The platform must also allow the ability post RSS feeds as entries. For example post an entire when you upload a new picture to your flickr set, played a last.fm track, posted on another microbloging site, updates your own blog, and any other RSS feed you like.

Embedded objects:
Allow the ability to enter a URL to picture, audio track, video and display it sized accordingly.

SMS Support:
I would gladly pay a fee to allow people that text me directly into my Micro Blogging platform. We set rules where people I friended can text me directly, I can white list numbers so even if they are not part of my Micro Blogging platform I can still communicate with them through it.
Bottom line what does all this mean to us?
Honestly, nothing. It would just be nice for us to stop using @davemora because it annoys me a lot.

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant.