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Let me take your money and give you an IOU

It has been a while since I entered a blog. But, I just needed to express my self beyond the 140 limit on twitter. Please, leave a comment and follow me at @davemora

I love California. I have never thought about moving to another state just because it is more affordable.

Everyone I know and care about lives in California but that list of friends and family started to get shorter this year. With less opportunities and the lack of faith in the people running our state I am starting to consider moving too.

So, I sit here at my desk looking at this official IOU I got earlier this year for the amount of $1,398.34. I growing up as a kid I borrowed money from friends and we gave IOU to each other. Even as kids we realize that if you can’t afford it you should not be buying it.

Some how the adults running our state never learned that lesson. I was shock to learn that California spends today with the hope to pay it with future earnings. I come to remember a company paying their current share holders with the hope of future earnings. I think they were Enron. Where are they now?

I love this state so much that I would not really mind a 10 percent state tax if they had been responsible with the spending of the revenue they gathered the last few years.

Here is the biggest problem I have.

– They say is not a tax. They will hold on to an extra 10 percent every paycheck and when I do my taxes I will get it back.

I have a hard time accepting that because like I mention before I have an official IOU check for $1,398.34 that all the banks refuse to cash because they do not want to get stuck with the IOU. Is it safe to assume that I will get another IOU check when I do taxes for the 10 percent they have held?

We all know California is broke. Let’s learn to do more with less.

Are you bothered by the ability of the state to simply take our money with even having my permission?

I am not Legal Tax Expert but if you are please leave a comment by answering this question.

If we all change my California State Tax Exemption to 0 and prevent California to Tax me. The state will get 0 dollars every month. Yes, I know we will have to pay it anyway when we do our taxes.

But, is it not better to pay the State $1,000 dollars when you do your taxes then have them give you a 1,000 IOU that you can’t cash?

Can we all go exempt? Is that Legal? Please let us know.

You can learn more by reading the LA Times article http://tr.im/EHT7

Like always this is my opinion and my daily rant.  Leave a comment 🙂

I guess I am not the only one feeling this way. Philip Tirone who is @CAStealin is upset too.

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