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Bitter Sweet Wednesday

I woke up Wednesday November 5th happy to find that Obama was still the “President Elect”. I then started to check the local propositions.

I rarely get emotional over anything when it comes to politics. So, I was going down the list of propositions.

California let Dave Mora down

Why do we need this? It cost me 50 bucks on Southwest to fly to San Francisco in an hour?

Good for the chickens more leg room.

Good for the children

I am glad to see even with an added clause that has nothing to due with the proposition did not trick people to vote yes. Although, I am not for Abortion. Restrictions on minors will only make them seek unsafe practices that can kill them also.

And so on…. . . . . .

I then saw the results for

Although it passed by a small margin. I can honestly say I felt pain. But, not the pain of being punched or kicked. The pain when a best friend lies to you or you find out your parents never told you that you were a twin.

I can not understand how a state that is so ready for change and voted for Obama can still have left over hate that want to continue and discriminate people.

It was only 40 years ago that it was illegal for 2 people of different races to married.

I guess what bothers me is the reason people voted yes.

They voted yes to protect the Children. So, having a child in a house where a mom and dad are violent and verbally abusive is safer then two loving parents that just happen to be of the same sex?

They voted yes to protect Marriage. If you wanted to protect marriage why not make divorce illegal? Wouldn’t that ensure people to really consider getting married and ensure a child always having two parents?

They voted yes to ensure their kids have good morals. So, being a parent and teaching your kids what is right and passing down your morals requires a law? Its better to teach your kids it is okay to hate a group of people because they don’t have the same believes ? So, I take it you were okay with Hitler ?

They voted yes because they were taught in school that marriage is between a man and woman. Well, I was thought in school that Christopher Columbus discovered America, Nixon was the first US president to visit the Soviet Union, Paul Revere went on his horse yelling the British are coming. Just because you learn it in school it does not make it right.

I guess what really bothered me is seeing minorities voting yes on something that will prevent people to do something simply because of who they are. As a Latino I have seen and experienced discrimination. People discriminating on a group just because of who they are is not acceptable.

When we just elected the first non-white president. How can we still discriminate on other groups?

I think we will see this issue in 2012 but all the youth that voiced No on prop 8 will be eligible to vote then.

If your a Twitter addict like me and want to send a message to the YES on Prop 8 people. They can be found on Twitter at @protectmarriage

So, I am glad elections are not yearly. I only get political every 4 years and now I get to go sleep. But, to clear my mind I will need the help of No Doubt to take me to a time when all I worried was about school.